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YouTuber TwoMad shocked after his house is shot at on livestream

Published: 30/Apr/2020 19:35

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTube streamer ‘TwoMad’ was left stunned after his home was shot at during an April broadcast — but that isn’t the only madness he’s endured in the recent past, by far.

TwoMad is a well-known creator on YouTube, boasting over 1 million subscribers due to his humorous livestreams that garner thousands of viewers at a time.

Despite his popularity, it seems that TwoMad also boasts his fair share of critics, as well, as evidenced by a shocking incident during a broadcast in late April.

twomadx3, Instagram
Popular YouTuber TwoMad was left shocked after his home was shot at by a group of people during an April livestream.

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TwoMad was streaming and talking to his viewers when a loud noise interrupted the proceedings, with the YouTuber rising from his chair in shock to announce that his home was being shot at.


“Oh s**t, what the f**k, oh my god!” he screamed. “Yo, there’s like somebody at my house! Holy s**t! They have like, a gun or something! They’re shooting at my window, dude! What the f**k is going on?”

A viewer went on to ask for clarification in the YouTuber’s stream chat, prompting him to explain exactly what happened shortly after the insanity went down, revealing that multiple people were shooting at his home with what he assumed to be a BB gun.

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“There’s like people shooting at my house with like, some sort of toy gun or something,” he answered. “It was breaking the f**k out of my windows, chipping my window!”


That isn’t the only incredible violation of personal privacy TwoMad has experienced as of late, either; he went on to reveal CCTV footage of a stranger attempting to steal his bike from his front yard, to boot.

“Dude, last time some guy was trying to steal my bike, and now it’s f**king, this shit,” he continued, pulling up footage of the incident. “This guy f**king… tried to steal my bike. This guy just f**king walked in the house.”

TwoMad isn’t the only internet personality dealing with such issue, either; Twitch streamer Sweet Anita revealed she was physically assaulted by a long-term stalker, while YouTube king PewDiePie has begged fans multiple times to stop showing up at his home.


While internet fame might seem all sunshine and roses, it’s not always a walk in the park, as evidenced by these disturbing breaches of privacy against some of the net’s top entertainers like TwoMad.