KSI puts Pokimane on blast after reacting to his new single Houdini - Dexerto

KSI puts Pokimane on blast after reacting to his new single Houdini

Published: 29/Apr/2020 4:52

by Brad Norton


KSI has fired back at Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys after the Twitch star lightheartedly took issue with his latest musical release, Houdini.

From YouTube stardom to boxing showdowns, KSI has seen and done it all, even producing his own full-length albums over the years. Kicking things up a notch lately, the internet celebrity has even featured big-name artists on his tracks, from Rick Ross to Lil Pump.

Continuing the trend, his latest release, Houdini, features Swarmz and Tion Wayne, two popular British artists. However, Pokimane appeared to take issue with the track upon her first listen, and now KSI has fired back.


Instagram: KSI
KSI’s latest hit has him teaming up with Swarmz and Tion Wayne.

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“She’s moving a little bit, look at that!” KSI said, excited to see a fellow YouTuber getting into the rhythm of the track right from the beginning.

As the British YouTube star got into his first verse, however, Pokimane’s reaction changed. Instead of bobbing her head to the beat, she appeared confused while listening to KSI’s first few lines.

“Why is he singing like he’s Jamaican?” Pokimane questioned. “When I hear this song, it just sounds like two entirely different people.”

“So I have to sound the exact same in every song that I produce?” he responded. Jokingly taking issue, KSI went on to rant about the progression in his music.


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“If I literally sounded the same as I did with Lamborghini, I don’t think people would enjoy my music anymore. You have to show progression, you have to show that you’re mixing it up.”

Comparing his musical diversity to the likes of Drake, KSI explained how he’s often put in a box, purely because he’s a YouTuber. While Drake is praised for venturing into new genres and releasing different styles of music, KSI appears to be shunned by one of his peers for trying the same thing.

“I am a YouTuber, it’s wrong. I have to stick to what I do from the beginning,” he said sarcastically.


“I’m not gonna lie, I’m the kind of person who likes this kind of music. But when I listen to this, it could be anyone.” KSI seemed taken aback, and threw a deadpan look at the camera. “This motherf***er,” he said at the top of his lungs while laughing.

The relevant section of the video can be found at the 5:16 mark for mobile viewers.

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Eventually, she started singing along to the chorus and appeared to come around to enjoy the tune, despite her initial gripes. “This is Pokimane, this is how she always is. If she likes this, then that’s a huge plus,” KSI added.


While other reactions throughout the video might have been even more critical, KSI is convinced that Pokimane will soon have Houdini in her daily rotation.