YouTuber exposes creepy men harassing women in IRL Twitch streams

Twitch: ImJasmine

A YouTuber has exposed a number of seriously creepy men harassing female IRL Twitch streamers in a shocking compilation video that’s going viral.

Female streamers being harassed by men while they’re live has become a huge issue, and clips of these incidents happening have become all too frequent. They are part of a wider discussion on how women are treated on platforms such as Twitch.

In the past few months, female streamers have highlighted these types of occurrences in their IRL streams and called out men for leaving creepy comments or even direct messaging them expecting a reply.  The discussion has even led to debate over how far women should use their bodies as an “advantage” while streaming.

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Twitch streamer YoojinTwitch: Yoojin
Streamer Yoojin went viral in December for calling out “predatory” behavior

YouTuber and musician Project Nightfall decided to showcase just how bad the problem of harassment in IRL streams has become by clipping a few of these incidents into one video, resulting in a shocking compilation that has left thousands angry.

In the video, he says “Too often do I see people normalize this…let’s come together to show the world that no women should ever go through this and no one should ever normalize the creeps.”

A large segment of the compilation features streamer ImJasmine who is approached by a passerby while she is talking into the camera. She looks visibly uncomfortable and stands up to get away, but the man attempts to touch her inappropriately. She then walks away while he follows her, and eventually manages to escape him.

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In other following clips, a man whispers in a streamer’s ear, one streamer is grabbed by the shoulders, another is kissed by a stranger, and several others are followed, all making for extremely uncomfortable viewing.

Since the video was posted to YouTube it’s been spread widely on Reddit, and people are understandably outraged. One Redditor wrote, “Damn, that made me so uncomfortable. I’m glad that’s never happened to me. I am so sorry for anyone this has happened to.”

Another person added, “Dude Jasmine is such a f**king sweetheart she does not deserve any of this harassment and neither do any of these women.”

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The video was posted to r/publicfreakout on March 18 where it has more than 4,000 upvotes and rising, while a post with the video in the subreddit r/makemesuffer has soared past more than 8,000 upvotes as the outrage continues to rise.