Korean streamer goes viral calling out “predatory” men on Twitch

Twitch streamer YoojinTwitch: Yoojin

Twitch streamer Yoojin has gone viral on Twitter after posting a video discussing the “predatory” nature of some male viewers towards female streamers.

Yoojin is a 23-year-old Korean student living in Los Angeles whose content normally revolves around Apex Legends and Valorant, streaming to almost 21,000 followers.

In a video posted to Twitter, clipped from a recent stream, she explained how sometimes men will donate money to her, and then act as though they are entitled to having a conversation.

She said, “I just wanna be the person that tells you guys how it is, so that you don’t delude yourselves and that you don’t waste your time…if you are in Twitch and you come into a girl’s stream and you think ‘oh her stream is still small I might have a chance’, you’re f***ed up. That’s a little bit predatory, not even a little bit, like, high-key predatory.”

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Yoojin Twitch StreamerInstagram: yoojpls
Yoojin said that she experienced the scenario she described

Yoojin continued to describe the incidents that might happen, explaining that it would normally begin with a gesture such as a donation. “It completely baffles my mind when guys are like… ‘Maybe I have a chance if I Tier 3 subbed her or if I donate $100 or if I donate 1000 bits.’

“‘I’m gonna Twitch whisper her…and then she’ll be like ‘thanks’ and then they’ll see the thanks and they’ll be like ‘oh my god she responded to me like we’re gonna have a conversation now’ and then they just keep spamming shit and then the girl doesn’t respond.”

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She went on to reveal that it would normally result in insults being thrown or a sense of entitlement, adding “They’re like ‘oh my god she’s such a b**** how could this happen to me… I called you cute like 5 days a row in chat like how could you do this to me.’ Bro, meet a girl IRL. Don’t come here!”

The Tweet quickly blew up, with more than 25,000 likes at the time of writing, and several responses from other Twitch users backing up her point of view. One person agreed, “Spittin straight FACTS right here.”

Yoojin expanded on her point in a thread underneath the original tweet after it gathered attention, adding that she understands men can experience “similar if not identical forms of discomfort through creepy/tactless approaches on Twitch.”

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The scenario she described was something she herself had experienced and witnessed and she said  she hopes people don’t dismiss “the common phenomenon of cishet guys trying to take advantage of young girls streaming, with or without money.”

Her final piece of advice was not to treat Twitch like a dating service and to instead be “upfront about your intentions.”