YouTuber Airrack buys Logan Paul’s $90,000 couches just to prank him

Daniel Cleary

Rising YouTuber ‘Airrack’ spent an incredible amount of money buying Logan Paul’s couches just to get the opportunity to work with him.

Airrack has been blowing up on YouTube in recent months, gaining over 150k subscribers in a short time for his pranks on stars such as David Dobrik and Offset.

The up and coming content creator has decided to go after Logan Paul yet again, after initially pranking him by pretending to be a DAZN reporter during the lead up to Jake Paul’s fight against AnEsonGib.

Logan Paul revealed that he was eager to get rid of his $90,000 Mercedes Benz couches.

After Logan announced that he would be selling his $90,000 Mercedes Benz couches for much cheaper than he originally paid, Airrack saw this as an opportunity to meet with the YouTube star once again.

He agreed upon a figure of $17,500 to buy the couches but did not reveal his identity by using a fake alias when first emailing and calling to negotiate the deal.

Airrack kept up the act right until the final moment when he arrived at the YouTuber’s house, where he managed to surprise Logan, leaving him stunned at his incredible persistence.

Once inside, he joked around with Logan and his housemates before buying the couches and finally getting the opportunity to discuss future collaboration ideas with him, after he had originally approached him for a job in an earlier prank.

Logan also uploaded his POV of the prank, explaining that Airrack had initially rubbed him the wrong way after he caught him off guard on multiple occasions, particularly when he appeared outside of his house.

However, Logan seemed quite receptive to collaborating with the up-and-coming content creator in the future, inviting him to discuss ideas with Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak for a brief while before he left.

Due to the current health crisis, it is unlikely that they will have any video collabs planned for the near future but fans of the pair will probably see more from them together at some point.

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