Logan Paul floored by responses to desperate $90k couch Craigslist ad

Logan Paul, YouTube

YouTube star Logan Paul is trying to get rid of two ostentatious pieces of furniture in his home — but it looks like his efforts are yielding some unexpected (and hilarious) results.

Throughout the past few weeks, Paul has been advertising his two Mercedes Benz couches in his vlogs, which are essentially shaped like croissants in a unique formation resembling the letter C.

However, they are apparently unbearably uncomfortable, as well as full of saliva and fur from his pet dog, Blue, prompting the YouTuber to try and sell the furniture and replace it with something new.

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Logan Paul, YouTube
YouTuber Logan Paul revealed that he’d purchased the Mercedes Benz couches for $90,000 three years ago, and is ready to get rid of the furniture.

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It doesn’t seem that his efforts are exactly coming to fruition, though, as he revealed that he had been unable to pass off the furniture, which he originally purchased three years ago at a whopping $45,000 apiece.

Now, he’s trying to sell the couches for a much lower price point, putting them up on Craigslist for a humble rate of $20,000 — but buyers are apparently not as interested in bidding for the pieces as they are in roasting their current owner.

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Logan and the gang read through some of the ad’s more humorous replies in his April 1 vlog, revealing some gut-busting burns that left the entire squad in stitches.

Instagram: Logan Paul
Paul cited discomfort – as well as his dogs’ antics on the luxury furniture – as reason for wanting to get rid of the expensive couches.

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“Ain’t nobody gonna pay $20k for that ugly piece of s**t,” one user emailed in response.

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Another buyer cited Mike Majlak’s overtly physical relationship with his girlfriend as part of their reasons for avoiding the furniture: “For real tho, I was sorta interested until I started to actually f**king think for once. Ahh, Logan’s life is f**ked.”

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“Hey Logan, bro, no one’s going to buy the couch so go s**k a d**k,” another taunted.

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While these messages may have been brutal, they were all done in good fun, leaving the gang with a decent laugh in spite of their efforts to finally get rid of the couch set.

For now, it looks like Logan will be holding on to his furniture for a little while longer — even if it’s so uncomfortable that Mike would rather “sit on a cactus.”

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