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TikTok star Alex Warren accused of copying YouTuber David Dobrik

Published: 17/Apr/2020 1:22

by Virginia Glaze


David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s most popular content creators, known for both his generosity and his chaotic short-form vlogs — a recipe that fans feel a famous TikTokker is trying to replicate.

Dobrik’s famous 4 minute and 21 second vlogs have become a huge success on YouTube, featuring A-list celebrities and crazy antics with his friend group, popularly dubbed the “Vlog Squad.”


The YouTuber, much like fellow content creator Mr Beast, is touted for his insane acts of generosity, known for giving away luxurious items like cars and even homes away to his friends and co-workers.

David Dobrik, Instagram
YouTube star David Dobrik is one of the platform’s most popular content creators, boasting over 16 million subscribers.

However, it seems that his recipe for success is being copied by TikTokker and Hype House member Alex Warren — at least, fans believe it is, sounding off across social media how similar his content is to the YouTube star.


That’s not all; Warren’s voice and mannerisms even sound similar to Dobrik’s, leading many critics to call him “creepy” and straight up accusing him of stealing his shtick.

Alex Warren, YouTube
A quick comparison of Warren and Dobrik’s content shows a striking similarity.
David Dobrik, YouTube
Some fans are suspicious of the nature of Warren’s content, which some say is directly copied from Dobrik’s own videos.

“I really feel like this Alex Warren guy just practices his laugh every night to sound more like David Dobrik, and it’s very creepy,” one user wrote via Twitter.

“Why tf does no one talk about how Alex Warren is a David Dobrik knockoff?” another Tweeted. “He looks like he practices his laugh in the mirror.”


A quick glance at Warren’s channel shows a striking similarity to Dobrik’s own videos, boasting all-caps titles with insane premises like, “CAUGHT HIM DOING THIS IN MY ROOM!” and “WALKING IN ON THEM IN MY BATHROOM!”

While even is video format is similar to the star’s, Warren has also apparently directly used several of Dobrik’s ideas, such as trying a labor pain simulator and “ASKING HIS DREAM GIRL ON A DATE!” — issues he addressed in a video on the topic in February.

Alex Warren, Instagram
Although Warren previously admitted to being heavily inspired by Dobrik’s videos, he later claimed he’d taken inspiration from his father, and has since denied any allegations of copying Dobrik, whatsoever.

While he admitted to being heavily inspired by Dobrik’s content, he privated the video shortly thereafter, and has since eschewed claims of copying the YouTuber, as stated during a video interview on the subject with YouTuber Drew Dirksen.


While it’s common for smaller YouTubers to emulate the format of more successful content creators, fans are suspicious of Warren’s intentions — and he isn’t the only one to have undergone such scrutiny either, as in the infamous case of Morgz seemingly copying content from Mr Beast.


Barstool owner Dave Portnoy reveals they’re 99.9% leaving SiriusXM

Published: 7/Oct/2020 20:10 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 20:14

by Michael Gwilliam


Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy has appeared to confirm that the popular website’s SiriusXM channel will be moving on satellite radio, claiming he was “99%” sure they were leaving.

The satirical sports website announced its SiriusXM channel back in November of 2017 and launched a few months later in January 2018.


Now, however, it seems like the deal is done and so is Barstool.

Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports’ founder took to Twitter to announce that it was looking extremely unlikely that the channel would continue on SiriusXM.


“I’d say we’re 99.9% out of Sirius,” he revealed. “We aren’t in same stratosphere in terms of negotiations.”

“We will just move on to new platforms as always. Our crowd will follow as always,” the Barstool founder added.

It’s unclear exactly where they will move to and Portnoy, who has grown increasingly famous over the years in part to his viral pizza reviews, offered no clues.

Dave Portnoy eats pizza for a review
YouTube/One Bite Pizza Reviews
Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews have gone viral.

One possible destination spot could very well be Spotify, which shocked the industry by signing Joe Rogan and his podcast to an exclusive deal.

While Portnoy didn’t elaborate on the type of deal he would like, it sounds like he’s being severely low-balled by the satellite radio company, hence his aggressive-sounding tweet.

This news comes as Bloomberg has reported that Howard Stern is nearing a massive $120M a year deal – a step above from his previous deals at $80 to $100 million a year.


If those reports are right, it’s a sign that Sirius XM is willing to pay some serious cash, but apparently not when it comes to keeping Barstool within its network.

“See this is why I can’t work for peanuts,” Portnoy said in response to the Stern report. “I’m not Stern. But I’m not nobody either.”


We’ll just have to see what the future holds for both SiriusXM and Barstool, and if a deal can be salvaged.