David Dobrik stunned by YouTuber Airrack’s prank to appear in his vlog

Daniel Cleary

Rising YouTuber ‘Airrack’ has managed to sneak his way into a David Dobrik vlog as part of his latest challenge on March 7.

Many YouTubers are starting to rise to fame on the video-sharing platform for their incredible attempts at sneaking their way into different public events without being invited or having a ticket.

Content creator ‘Airrack’ who has been growing a considerable following for documenting his entertaining efforts at the new trend has challenged himself once again, although this time he was insistent on appearing in a David Dobrik Vlog.

Dobrik was quite surprised after realizing he had been pranked.

David Dobrik currently has one of the most popular Vlog series on YouTube and often pulls in millions of viewers for his weekly episodes with appearances from stars like Justin Bieber.

Following his last challenge to meet Offset at CDL Atlanta, Airrack expressed his desire for appearing in one of Dobrik’s uploads, adding, “Everybody under the age of 25’s biggest dream is to be in one of David Dobrik’s vlogs.”

As the self-proclaimed “king of sneaking into things,” Airrack then explained that his grand plan to get into the popular video series was to prank his fellow YouTuber by pulling up to him in a custom-wrapped car with Dobrik’s face on it.

With some help from Canadian comedian Howie Mandel, who is a regular guest in the popular vlog series, Airrack managed to gather ‘The Vlog Squad’ together for the hilarious prank.

Before surprising the popular content creator, he dressed up in a wig and David Dobrik’s usual attire to imitate him when they finally came face to face.

After eventually making his way to their studio, Airrack hopped out of the passenger seat with a vlog camera in hand and started to act similar to how Dobrik would in his videos. Dobrik was quick to recognize the YouTuber for his past videos and was quite interested in how he managed to pull the prank off.

Although Airrack’s ultimate goal of appearing in a David Dobrik vlog has not yet been confirmed as the YouTuber has yet to upload since it took place, it seems quite likely that David will feature the incredible prank in his vlog series as well.

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