YouTube streamer accused of assaulting guest during live podcast

Virginia Glaze
Queenzflip, Instagram / Unsplash

Thanks to the advent of live streaming, the internet now provides viewers with a near non-stop barrage of hilarious and unexpected moments that occur in real time – one of which threw down during a livestreamed podcast episode on YouTube.

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YouTuber and podcast host ‘Queenzflip’ was in the middle of his live show ‘DA CALLERS’ with two guests when a fourth party suddenly entered the studio, handing out handshakes to the crew before addressing Queenz about an altercation that had gone down prior to the show.

Queenz and his guest (pictured in the middle, below) had gotten into a fight sometime beforehand, prompting Queenz to invite him on his show, as he hadn’t taken things further after knocking Queenz to the ground.

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Queenzflip, Instagram
Podcast host ‘Queenzflip’ has been accused of assaulting a guest during a live stream, after a fight broke out in the middle of a show.

However, despite Queenz’s promise that everything was “good,” all was not actually “good,” as the fourth party – Queenz’s cousin – confronted him on the subject, which ended in blows.

Queenz’s cousin threw a series of punches toward the host’s prior opponent, who was finally separated after a brief struggle. The cousin then asked the middle guest to fight him outside – a request that the guest vehemently denied.

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Despite Queenz and the middle guest appearing to have “settled” their beef, many fans noticed that the host appeared to sneak in a few blows during the initial scuffle – something that Queenz addressed in a series of Twitter posts after a clip of the fight went viral.

“What QueenzFlip did was out of INSTINCT!!!!” one user wrote of the matter, which Queenz retweeted. “You see somebody you close to fighting, it’s hard to NOT get involved, & it was a **** that he apparently just fought for disrespecting his family! He didn’t HAVE to, but it is what it is.”

Queenz likewise claimed that law enforcement had been called to the studio, ultimately finding “nothing” in their investigation.

This would be far from the first time such a debacle has occurred during a live stream, either; ‘No Jumper’ podcast host Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison was held at gunpoint during a stream in in mid-March, which ended in the perpetrator’s arrest.

Both YouTube and Twitch have seen their fair share of livestreamed violence, with the altercation during Queenzflip’s show being the one of the latest scuffles to pop up on the sites.