YouTube remembers Technoblade with classy 9-year channel tribute

Techoblade never dies text in front of youtube logoYouTube/Wikimedia Commons: Jarould

YouTube has uploaded a classy memorial video for Technoblade as a tribute to his nine-year channel anniversary.

On June 30, 2022, Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade passed away after a battle with sarcoma cancer, an uncommon type of bone cancer that spreads to connective tissue.

He was quickly remembered by many around the internet, including two tributes inside Minecraft as well as a variety of comments from other creators around the internet.

Now, on the nine-year anniversary of Technoblades YouTube channel, the company has uploaded a classy tribute to the former Minecraft creator.

YouTube remembers Technoblade with anniversary tribute

Uploaded on October 28, 2022, exactly nine years after Technoblade uploaded his first video, the aptly titled ‘Technoblade Never Dies’ video shows various aspects of his career — from a clip of his first video upload to the creation of the iconic catchphrase, and more.

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The video revealed that since his unfortunate passing in June, an average of 300 new videos with “Technoblade Never Dies” in the title are uploaded, keeping his name in the community.

Alongside the video is a fundraiser for the Sarcoma Foundation of America, a foundation that Techno had helped raise over a million dollars for after his diagnosis.

At the time of writing, just two hours after it was uploaded, YouTube’s tribute to the creator has been viewed over half a million times and has raised nearly $2,000.

Alongside that are over 3,200 comments from fans, with many repeating the iconic long-standing catchphrase: “Technoblade Never Dies.”

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