Minecraft devs respond to Technoblade fan petition by adding another classy tribute

Dylan Horetski
Technoblade Never Dies added to Minecraft

Minecraft’s developers have added a second tribute to YouTuber Technoblade by including his catchphrase “Technoblade never dies!” in the list of splash text phrases when you open the game. 

During the evening hours of June 30, 2022, it was revealed by his father that popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade had lost his battle with cancer.

The news quickly spread, prompting an outpour of support from a wide variety of content creators like ConnorEatsPants, Dream, Karl Jacobs, and more.

As Technoblade left a lasting impact on the Minecraft community, the developers quickly added their first tribute to the creator as they placed his iconic crown atop the pig on the game’s loading screen.

Now, they’ve added a second in-game tribute to celebrate the creator — and this one was influenced by his fans.

Technoblade Minecraft avatar with Minecraft poster
YouTube: Technoblade/ Mojang
Technoblade was one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers.

Technoblade never dies

Shortly after the YouTuber passed away, a fan named Matt Cambell created a petition on change.org with a simple request for the Minecraft developers: Add his catchphrase “Technoblade never dies!” as in-game splash text.

Just under a week and over 70,000 signatures later, the fan posted an update revealing that a Mojang representative reached out to him.

He said: “A Mojang representative named JORAX reached out to me and told me that unless Technoblade’s family says that they don’t want it to be added, the “Technoblade never dies!” splash text will be added to both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition in their next updates.

“We are still attempting to reach out to the family, but as of now, it is confirmed that the splash text is a yes.”

technoblade never dies petition
On July 5, Matt Cambell revealed that Mojang reached out to him.

Minecraft’s second in-game tribute

Just a day after it was revealed Mojang was interested in adding the iconic catchphrase, the ‘Techno Updates’ Twitter page revealed that it has been added to the 1.19.1-pre3 build of the game.

Dexerto dug deep into the Minecraft assets folder ourselves, confirming that “Technoblade never dies!” is, in fact, number 434 on the list of messages.

It’s unknown at the time of writing if the developers are doing anything else to celebrate the YouTuber’s legacy but if there’s one thing we can be certain about, is that Techno definitely left his mark on the Minecraft community during his nine-year career.