Most watched Twitch streamers in 2022: xQc, Hasan, Ibai, more

ibai and xqctwitch: xqc / Ibai

Many familiar faces fill the top spots of most-watched streamers on Twitch in 2022, which saw big releases, big events and community drama draw millions of viewers every day to the platform.

While there won’t be any prizes for guessing the number one spot (he’s made it there three years in a row) there are also some new contenders who might be aiming to take it from xQc in 2023.

This year, the top 10 most-watched was split evenly between English-speaking and non-English-speaking streamers, with five-a-piece.

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And, while xQc remained number one, the next three were all Spanish-speaking channels.

Twitch most-watched streamers (2022)

In the tenth spot, Twitch veteran summit1g remains, as much of a stalwart of Twitch streaming as anyone on this list, and remarkable achievement to still be attracting such a large audience so deep into his career.

It’s worth noting though that Summit did also stream over 4,000 hours this year, which is more than anyone else on the list – except Gaules.

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Here are the top streamers 10 in 2022, based on hours watched as of December 30:

  1. xQc: 227.23m
  2. Gaules: 161.75m
  3. Ibai: 112.03m
  4. Auronplay: 101.46m
  5. Hasan: 82.48m
  6. fps_shaka: 81.13m
  7. Asmongold: 80.32m
  8. Trainwreckstv: 76.91m
  9. tarik: 72.67m
  10. summit1g: 69.20m

Data via StreamsCharts and SullyGnome.

most watched streamersStreamsCharts
This chart from StreamsCharts is as of December 24.

In 2nd most watched overall, Gaules streamed an outrageous 8,000 hours, although a lot of this will actually have been reruns of matches, as opposed to him being live properly.

Asmongold comes in at 7th with just shy of 80 million hours watched, however, if his hours watched on his second channel, zackrawr, where added in, he would be just behind Auronplay, with 99 million hours.

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fps_shaka is the only streamer in the top 10 who speaks neither English nor Spanish. A Japanese streamer, he is best known for both Apex Legends and Valorant, and has had great success co-streaming Valorant tournaments.

Just missing out on the top 10 this year was Kai Cenat, who clocked in 67 million hours watched (just shy of summit1g’s 69 million. We still think Kai Cenat had the best year on Twitch in 2022 though.

However, he was just behind another streamer too. Eliasn97, a German streamer, was actually 11th with 67.7 million. Brand accounts were also excluded from the list, but if included, ESL_CSGO would be 5th with 87 million hours.

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Notably, there are no women who make the top 10 overall, but we know that Amouranth has been the most-watched female streamer this year, with 33 million hours watched, with usual top streamer Pokimane streaming fewer hours than in previous years.

VTubers are also making waves this year and could be cracking some of these top lists in the future. You can check out Dexerto’s best VTubers here.