xQc slams Twitch viewers for “cancelling each other” and their favorite streamers

xQc slams Twitch viewers cancel cultureTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel slammed Twitch viewers who try and cancel streamers based on their communities, claiming they shouldn’t be held accountable for it, especially after they try to do something about it.

xQc has been held responsible for some of the antics his passionate but volatile fanbase have done throughout the years, like when some hopped into other streamer’s channels to harass them after incidents on GTA RP.

But despite condemning that behavior and promising to try and “fix” his own contribution to the toxic behavior, xQc and other top streamers are still often blamed for their community’s shenanigans, and he’s had enough of it.

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xqc viewers left disgusted twitch star reveals streaming room house tourTwitch: xQc
xQc never hesitates to speak his mind, especially when it comes to Twitch-related issues.

xQc started his epic rant by setting sights on people who make “multiple threads” on social media trying to cancel streamers and their communities.

“People try to cancel each other. People try to get other streamers banned based on how their communities are acting,” he said.

He slammed them for saying “the community is a reflection of the streamer” and holding streamers accountable for all the toxicity within their community, only to complain when the streamer proactively tries to do something about it.

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“As soon as a streamer bans somebody and legitimately moderates for this to stop happening, they say, ‘Oh my god! They’re actually banning people!'” he said.

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“What a stupid mentality. You don’t get to hold me accountable for everything, and then when I try to change things, say, ‘oh that’s unfair!'”

xQc’s community isn’t the only one that’s come under fire for toxic behavior.

Adin Ross’ fanbase has been making headlines recently, especially after Jake ‘JakeNBake’ Abramson mocked them for threatening him over his comments about Adin’s latest ban.

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Dream’s fans were also criticized for sending death threats to people on social media, which prompted him to respond and describe the behavior as “horrible.”

But should streamers be held accountable for everything their fans do? No matter what you think, xQc has made his view quite clear.

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