xQc claims “tryhards” are already killing OfflineTV’s new Rust server

Twitch: xqc / Facepunch studios

OfflineTV’s immensely popular Rust server has only been back online for a few days, though key changes have seen content creators leaving in droves. Here’s why xQc is the latest to join that list.

While the original Rust craze saw the world’s biggest streamers jumping into the OfflineTV server for weeks on end, its July return hasn’t quite matched the initial fanfare. With major changes to the server, many expressed their concern before even jumping back in.

Now just days into its return and big names are already departing. Sodapoppin left after one session and xQc could be the next to follow. After briefly swapping over to the Rust server amidst a July 7 Twitch stream, it was only a matter of minutes before the Canadian star jumped back to GTA Online instead.

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For the most part, it’s professional players and all the Rust “tryhards” on the revived server that are ruining the fun, according to xQc.

With changes to the PVP flow on OfflineTV’s Rust server, players are no longer chatting in groups. Streamers aren’t joining up in various Discord channels to plan out their hijinks, instead, relying solely on text chat.

Due to this shift, xQc quickly exited out of the server during his most recent session. “Rust pro/tryhard stacking, never raiding, barely interacting in comms,” he listed as reasons why the Rust return just isn’t the same.

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“[Not gonna lie], everything [is] a little uninteresting,” he claimed, before adding “good luck”as he was leaving the server.

“Can I be honest chat? I don’t mean to be negative… I might just log into Rust when the others are on and they’re ready to raid so we can talk. It’s just silent and I’m kind of on my own, it’s just not the same. We’re just kind of doing nothing.”

XqC Rust server gameplayTwitch: Mendo
xQc’s full message before leaving the OfflineTV Rust server.

Parting ways with his team on the day, fellow Twitch streamer and former Overwatch League pro Mendo assured his comments were nothing personal. “He’s not talking specifically about you guys,” Mendo told his allies. “He’s talking about the entire server.

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“I get why xQc is frustrated too, because the server is meant to be something it’s not. The server is not meant for Rust pros to just run over everyone.”

So while xQc hasn’t entirely closed the door on this chapter of the Rust server, fans might see less and less of him moving forward. 

Rather than the lonesome Rust experience, he’s been putting more hours into GTA RP’s No Pixel with his Pierre Paul character recently unbanned