Twitch lift Adin Ross ban early after comments about streaming & driving drama

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Adin Ross stares at the screen in shock after fourth Twitch ban.

Rising Twitch star Adin Ross has been unbanned two days after a video showing him repeatedly using a phone while conducting a car caused an uproar. The ban was originally set as a seven-day suspension.

Update July 10

Adin has been unbanned from Twitch a couple of days after the clip showing him reading his Chat blew up.

While there was confusion as to whether or not he was actually texting, the site banned him all the same on July 7. He said his official ban was for seven days, but after two days and 19 hours, his channel has been reinstated.

Adin is already prepping for his comeback stream and thanked his following for their support during his ban.

Original story follows below…

The streamer changed up his stream plans on July 7, taking to the streets in an IRL stream. During the broadcast, Ross regularly checked his phone while driving, responding to Twitch chat comments and messages.

Twitch’s community guidelines state any “illegal activity” will be punishable by suspension. That includes Californian state law, where “driving while using a handheld cellular device or texting” is a crime. The violation carries a fine of $175 for first offences, and $500 for any following charges.

Twitch suspended the star’s channel late on July 7 following the broadcast.

Adin Ross sat in a car posing for camera
Twitch suspended Adin Ross for nearly three days.

Adin Ross banned on Twitch

The IRL star’s bannable driving offences were first flagged hours before his July 7 suspension; fellow Twitch streamer Jake ‘JakeNBake’ Abramson called Twitch out for “inconsistencies” around their ban reasons. Abramson was suspended for a similar driving incident in March.

Ross believes this Twitch suspension may be “permanent.”

“Just got banned by Twitch… I think it’s a perm. This is not good AT ALL. I was at a red light during my IRL stream and I read chat off of my phone,” the star wrote. “I am 100% in the wrong, I’m so sorry… don’t know when I’m gonna be back.”

The streaming star added that he was still struggling to come to terms with the July 7 ban: “I’m shaking right now, I’m so sorry. I feel horrible.”

Later in the day, Ross went live on Instagram to apologize.

“I’m really, really sorry guys. It’s no one else’s fault but mine. I’m having the worst anxiety of my life,” he said while walking. “I haven’t got anything back yet. I think it was permanent.”

During the livestream, Ross doubled down on his claims he was “at a red light” when texting, despite several Twitch clips shared on Twitter showing otherwise. “I’m going to appeal it… I was at a red stop light during my IRL stream and I was reading Twitch chat. So stupid of me.

“This isn’t on Twitch either,” he added, addressing his 1.8 million followers on Instagram. “Don’t blame them. This is 100% my fault, like I said. Twitch literally gave me a perfect opportunity to go up and sh*t. I got banned because, like I said, I was at a red stop light and texting… not texting, reading my chat.

“I was just shopping, having such a fun time. I was going to go home and stream, and then I got banned. I’m really f**king sorry.”

Ross reveals ban length, takes “full accountability”

Adin Ross spoke out once more on the ban in a paparazzi video uploaded to YouTube on July 9. In the video, Ross confirmed that he’d received a seven-day suspension due to “texting and driving in my Lambo.”

“It’s just my fault,” he said of the situation. “I text and drive, I could have killed somebody. Twitch, you did the right thing. …I didn’t even realize it bro, because I do it all the time. I was really doing this s**t all over the f***ing place. I did it like, three to four times. I deserve that ban. I’m taking the full accountability for it, and I’m just gonna learn and be better.”

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This suspension marks the fourth time Ross has been banned on Twitch.

He has been previously barred from the Amazon-owned platform in single-day bursts, on May 29 (nudity) and April 11 (homophobic remarks). The star’s first Twitch ban came on June 16 last year. Ross was blocked from streaming for seven days for his first strike.

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