xQc mocks disgraced FaZe Clan members over crypto scam: “They all knew”

Jacob Hale
xQc mocks faze clan crypto drama

Never one to shy away from the controversial topics, top Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel mocked the shamed FaZe Clan members involved in the cryptocurrency scam drama during a livestream.

On July 1, FaZe Clan announced that they would be removing Kay as well as suspending Jarvis, Teeqo and Nikan from the organization following an alleged pump and dump cryptocurrency scam.

Those members and close collaborators Sommer Ray and RiceGum heavily advertised a crypto token called ‘Save the Kids’, paid by the creators to promote it before ‘dumping’ their investments after launch.

In a statement made by the organization, they said: “FaZe Clan had absolutely no involvement with our member’s activity in the cryptocurrency space. We strongly condemn their recent behavior.”

Obviously, the entire internet has had its say, with top influencers across all platforms letting their thoughts be known on the situation.

This includes xQc, who took to mocking the FaZe members while watching Coffeezilla’s in-depth breakdown that exposed the alleged scam.

“It’s almost confirmed that they all knew about it,” he said during a July 7 stream. “There’s six of them. You think these guys didn’t go upstairs, make a Hot Pocket and say ‘Yo bruh, I got this offer, I’m getting paid $200k for this weird thing and all I got to do is make a tweet!’ That’s how it works.”

xQc isn’t the first to mock or comment on the FaZe Clan situation. HasanAbi also accused FaZe of using the RiceGum vs Adin Ross beef as a cover-up to take the heat off of FaZe Clan in the wake of the scandal.

Similarly, Pokimane questioned why rich people such as those involved would still do illegal stuff to make money.

None of the dropped or suspended members have publicly commented on the situation yet, but FaZe co-owner Banks explained that it was his decision to take action against them — but that it’s still “up to them” to make a comeback.

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