JakeNBake mocks Adin Ross fans threatening him after Twitch ban

JakeNBake gets threats from adin ross fansTwitch/JakeNBake

JakeNBake revealed he has been receiving threats from Adin Ross fans after he called out Twitch for originally not taking action against the streamer for reading chat on his phone while driving.

Adin Ross received a three day ban from Twitch on July 8 for distracted driving, but only after JakeNBake drew attention to the incident on Twitter and during his own live stream – and some Adin fans are not happy about it.

Jake, who had been banned himself for checking his phone while in his car, blasted the Amazon-owned platform for inconsistency.

“Can you tell me why I get an insta 7-day ban for glancing at my phone on a private road on a raceway in full safety equipment and professional drivers, but this streamer can check his phone every 2 seconds while driving in traffic and not catch anything?” he asked, tagging Twitch support while posting a video of the incident.

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He further continued to rally against Twitch on stream, calling the lack of a ban (at the time) “unacceptable.”

“You have arbitrary a** bans with arbitrary a** days, based on what?” he scorned. “This is no flame to the guy involved, it could have been anybody, but it’s actually bullsh*t. Twitch, I’m super upset. You took away four days of my income.”

Of course, Adin would end up getting banned, and some of his supporters directly blamed JakeNBake for the suspension – even going as far as sliding into the streamer’s DMs to threaten him.

“This guy literally said: ‘You’re lucky I’m not in LA anymore or I’ll beat your a**.’ That’s literally what he said. This, right here,” Jake explained during a broadcast, and pulled up a photo of the individual who’d supposedly sent the threat.

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Needless to say, Jake wasn’t intimidated in the least. “There’s no way, man! I could be blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back and your parents would need to sign a consent form because I’d go to jail if they didn’t! That’s f**ked up, man. Come on man, you don’t have to be like that, it’s weird!”

That wasn’t the extent of the threats Jake received either. In another DM, he was told to “jill himself,” with the threat sender later correcting the message to “kill,” blaming autocorrect for the mistake.

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Despite the harassment, it’s good to see that Jake isn’t exactly worried. Still, it’s concerning that he even had to deal with harassment for calling out Twitch for hypocrisy to begin with.