GTA RP community calls on NoPixel to ban xQc again over glitch exploit

GTA RP xQc glitch banRockstar Games / Twitter: xQc

The GTA RP community has called on NoPixel to ban Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel again after he exploited yet another glitch and opened fire on police officers with a ‘concealed’ weapon.

xQc believes GTA RP police offers have been “stalling” him, which means they’re purposefully locking him into situations where they can maximize their time on his stream for exposure. 

For example, a police officer who had xQc in custody a few days ago took a very long time to drive to the police station. The clip went viral, and many fans accused him of doing it on purpose.

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xQc never forgave the police officers for doing it, and all hell broke loose during a recent stream. 

It all started when he got arrested for his usual shenanigans. The police officers had him in handcuffs, but he exploited a glitch that lets you equip a gun after it has been taken from you by keeping it in the hotbar. 

“If they abuse glitches, I abuse glitches,” he said to his viewers. “I think it goes both ways.” It’s unclear what he was referring to, but it could have been a reference to the “stalling” accusations.

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Either way, fans weren’t happy about it. They accused him of ‘“cheating” and “not following the rules.”

Later on, he exchanged words with police officers and vented about the “stalling” issue once again.

“You are legally our prisoner as a result of the crimes you [committed]. We will take as long as we need to process you. Do you understand that, son?” said MOONMOON, a popular player on the server.

“Yeah, but if you take overly long… if you take unnecessary lengths of time to lengthen the time on purpose, it’s not cool. Nobody likes it,” said xQc.

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Everything that happened created the perfect storm, and it all came crashing down during a heated altercation in the police station. The police officers locked xQc in a cell.

But when they started telling him his charges, he whipped out the pistol he smuggled inside with the glitch and opened fire on them.

He managed to take down two officers, but the third one pulled off a slick combat roll and neutralized him. More officers came flooding in to address the situation, but the damage was done.

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“It is what it is,” said xQc. “It is what it is. See, now what we have here is the same sort of scenario where they are now force stalled, now they can’t move [or] get up. They can’t do anything.

“They’re stuck there the same way that they did to me where I was stuck. I couldn’t fight it. Isn’t that crazy, though?”

A clip of the incident is gaining traction on Reddit. It surged to the top of /r/LivestreamFail with more than 700 comments. “I’m in utter disbelief,” wrote one fan.

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“Is he just bored of RP now, and this is his way of perma-ing by getting banned? There’s no way he’s not getting banned after this, right? It’s actually indefensible,” wrote another. It’s a sentiment that many others shared.

We’ll have to wait and see how the server administrators respond and whether xQc winds up with another ban for breaking the rules.

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