xQc says Kick is targetting Twitch streamers the “right way” after Hikaru’s non-exclusive deal

Connor Bennett
xQc in blue shirt talking to camera

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel believes Kick is going the “right way” about targeting Twitch streamers following the non-exclusive deal they’ve signed with Chess grandmaster Hikaru.

As challengers have risen up to take a swing at knocking Twitch off the top of the streaming mountain, they’ve picked up a number of big streamers along the way – with the likes of Valkyrae, Ludwig, and Courage making YouTube their permanent home.

The Amazon-owned platform is now facing a new threat from Kick, the Stake-backed platform that has sprung up in the wake of Twitch’s crackdown on gambling. 

Kick has already managed to sign Adin Ross away from Twitch, and while there have been rumors of signing more stars, they’ve given Chess maestro Hikaru Nakamura a non-exclusive deal that allows him to stream on both platforms. 

xQc explains why Kick is going the “right away” about signing Twitch streamers

That, according to xQc, is the way that Kick should be going about trying to target new signees, rather than getting them to sign exclusive deals like Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and other platforms have dished out. 

“People think that it’s bad that these guys are signing dual contracts. Guys, I said this years ago that this is the right way to do it,” the Canadian said during his March 29 stream.

“I said this even when Mixer was a thing. One, it’s cheaper, and two, it creates an actual transfer. It creates an actual transfer that is gradual.”

That gradual transfer xQc is talking about, likely refers to viewers. It’s something others have referenced, noting that having a presence on both, allows them to slowly build up their standing on the newer platform. 

Of course, it’ll be a struggle to hit the same view counts from Twitch on Kick initially, but over time, streamers could start reaching their usual figures. We’ll just have to wait and see if their prediction ends up being correct.