xQc roasts viewer over distracting donation during CSGO game

Andrew Amos
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment / Twitch

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has lashed out at one of his viewers over a donation during an intense game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, saying the donor was getting “way too much value” for their distraction.

Donations on Twitch are one of the few ways many of the platform’s content creators get by on a day-to-day basis. They are often a recognition for someone’s content — content that was obviously great enough to pay for — and every streamer is usually thankful for the contribution.

However, for the Kings of Twitch like xQc, sometimes these donations are more of a nuisance, getting in the way of an intense gameplay moment. The star streamer has lashed out at some of these small donors for taking advantage of the donation system to distract him.

Twitch: xQcxQc was less than impressed with this fan’s contribution to this Twitch piggy bank.

On a November 26 stream, the millionaire French-Canadian was gifted a modest 300 bits by Twitch user ‘Fanboyphilly’, which is worth about $3. Any donation over $3 enables text-to-speech, with the donor using that feature to send a message to xQc about a new mouse pad.

“Hey Felix, I have your new mouse pad,” the donation said. “I have it up in the attic with me. Felix, why don’t you come up into the attic and grab the mouse pad?”

However, as the donation was playing, xQc missed a shot onto an opponent, leading to his demise. This sent the streamer onto a tirade about the three dollars he just earned not even being worth the death.

“Yo, you donate all day saying the same stupid a** sh*t,” he said. “I am in over my f*cking head with your stupid sh*t for three bucks.”

He then went on to say that for three dollars, his fans are getting way too much value to get featured. “You get too much value for the amount you pay I am done with your sh*t dude,” he said.

xQc isn’t the only streamer complaining about small donations recently, with Dr Disrespect ignoring a fan’s request to read out their $3 donation because of how small it was, calling out his fans who want their five seconds of fame to not bother.

Given that these streamers earn millions of dollars through subscriptions, donations, and sponsor deals, a $3 donation is a drop in the bucket for them. 

While it’s considered common courtesy on Twitch for streamers to read out their fan’s contributions, it’s ultimately up to the streamer what they think is valuable. So, if xQc fans want to get noticed by their favorite streamer, they might have to cough up a bit more, or at least do it at a better time.

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