xQc remembers where he started after the $70 million Kick deal

Filip Krawanski
xQc with headphones sitting in a gaming chair during his stream edited onto a photo of his very first streaming setup consisting of boxes and an air mattress.

A tweet from Jonathan Larsson showing xQc’s old setup sent him and his fanbase down memory lane, reminiscing about his rise to the top of the streaming world and his “rags to riches” story.

The deal between Kick live-streaming platform and Twitch megastar xQc is still sending shockwaves down the streaming world, as Kick reportedly received a million new users in just 24 hours after the deal was made public.

The deal brought xQc to the budding streaming platform officially on June 16 of 2023, and reportedly Felix made more than $70 million dollars by signing the contract.

Shortly after the announcement, Jonathan Larsson Tweeted: “5 years ago, we let xQc stay at our apartment when he needed a place to stay. The desk was cardboard boxes we stacked on top of each other. Today he signed a $100 million deal with Kick. Unreal.”

Attached was the picture of xQc’s old setup which sent him and his fanbase down memory lane, remembering how he grew to be one of the largest creators on Twitch.

xQc and his fans react to the photo of his old streaming setup

xQc saw Johnathan’s Tweet and replied to it on June 17 stating: “Just saw this, this era changed the game. Thank you again.”

The streamer’s fanbase also shared some of the fond memories they made while watching Felix during this period of his streams.

“Desk slams hit different back then. I remember his computer laying in full on pieces on the ground,” said one of xQc’s fans.

Others simply congratulated X and pointed out that he turned into quite the celebrity from such humble beginnings.

“Literally from rags to riches! LFG well done xQc honestly you deserve it you’ve worked so damn hard for all you have achieved congrats on the big signing! Stay blessed we are happy to have you on kick,” reads one of the replies.

xQc’s first two streams on Kick have already been a massive success, with his viewership looking similar to what he usually gets on Twitch, which is impressive given that Kick has fewer users than Twitch. For now, at least.

Amouranth also took the plunge and joined Kick, just days after xQc confirmed his move. It seems that Kick is making serious aggressive moves in trying to compete with Twitch, who knows how that rivalry will end.