xQc reacts after PewDiePie roasts his funniest Twitch clips

Virginia Glaze
pewdiepie vs xqc

Popular Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is known for the hilarious moments that crop up during his live broadcasts, two of which YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg reacted to during an episode of ‘You Laugh You Lose’ on June 2.

PewDiePie was sifting through submissions on his subreddit when he came across a clip of xQc playing Overwatch, where viewers warned him that his microphone quality wasn’t quite up to snuff.

xQc then went on one of his usual shouting tirades to test the issue, which was so scuffed that his voice couldn’t even be heard speaking into the mic: rather, all viewers heard was a blast of static, earning a solid chuckle from PewDiePie in the process.

[Timestamp: 1:26 for mobile viewers]

“Oh god, does he have one of the Blue Yeti mics?” PewDiePie asked. “They’re worse than my microphones. …yeah, no, it sounds great! [The Blue Yeti] only works if you’re in an isolated room, right? People love it for some reason, it’s such a piece of shit.”

That wasn’t the only clip from xQc that Kjellberg reacted to, either; the YouTuber got a good laugh out of xQc’s viral clip reacting to footage of a hawk, which he mistakenly (and hilariously) called a “chicken.”

PewDiePie compared the clip to a viral vine of a little girl calling a gaggle of geese “chickens,” even wondering out loud if xQc’s video was real.

“Oh god, I laugh at the worst shit,” PewDiePie chuckled.

xQc later caught wind of PewDiePie’s comments and played the video during his stream, appearing to be elated that he’d been acknowledged by the YouTube king.

“Holy shit, we made it, baby!” xQc shouted, clapping. “I’m so happy, dude! He laughed, too!”

PewDiePie’s reaction to xQc’s hilarious Twitch clips follows his ultimate loss to Bollywood label T-Series, which surpassed his coveted 100 million subscriber milestone on May 29.

Despite this loss, PewDiePie still retains the title of YouTube’s most subscribed independent creator, boasting over 96 million subscribers and counting as of June 2.