T-Series finally beats PewDiePie to 100 million YouTube subscribers

David Purcell
T-Series / PewDiePie, Instagram

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has been fighting a huge battle in the race to 100 million subscribers for over a year, but T-Series have now proved that they’re here to stay in top spot – finally clinching the astonishing milestone.

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The Swedish content creator had drafted in celebrity guests, powered through key milestone after milestone in 2018 and 2019, but the biggest landmark of them all has been clinched by his Bollywood rival channel.

This battle had some huge twists and turns along the way, with Pewds springing into what was thought to be unstoppable positions time and time again, but defeat in the greatest subscriber race the platform has ever seen has now been confirmed.

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PewDiePie, YouTubePewDiePie might have beaten T-Series to a lot of YouTube milestones, but he missed out on the big one.

Announcing the news on their official Twitter account, T-Series thanked all of the people that have subscribed to their channel in order to build what is now the world’s biggest YouTube channel. 

“T-Series has achieved another YouTube milestone by being the first one to cross an astonishing 100 Million Subscribers,” they tweeted on May 29. “Thank you for being part of our journey. T-Series – Making India Proud.”

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The Indian production company have been calling upon more and more of their nation’s population to subscribe to their channel for quite some time, following several diss tracks from PewDiePie that led to surges in his popularity on more than one occasion. 

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The diss tracks, called ‘Bitch Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’, have since been blocked in India after T-Series took legal action against to have the content made unavailable in their country, not taking too kindly to the lyrics. 

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PewDiePie might have completed some sensational comebacks during the race to 100 million – once recovering a lead of 100,000 – but live sub counts show that his channel is now around four million subscribers away from top spot at the time of writing – which T-Series, of course, now occupies. 

The likelihood of T-Series being knocked off their perch any time soon remains extremely unlikely, but there’s no doubt that PewDiePie’s fanbase will pull out all of the stops in trying to help him reclaim his throne. 

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