Twitch streamer creates hilarious rap about his love for anime girls

Kristofer Yee, Twitter / Studio Trigger

As livestreaming platforms like Twitch continue to grow in popularity, so do their content creators, with some streamers going to insane lengths to provide unique entertainment for their audiences.

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While he doesn’t engage in any dangerous IRL stunts or shocking practical jokes, popular streamer Kristofer Yee unleashed his creativity in a different way – by creating a catchy (and hilarious) rap about his love for 2-D anime waifus.

While he is better known for his budget PC building, gaming, and tech videos, Yee is also quite the comedian, writing up his rap to humorously “call out” anime fans.

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YouTuber and Twitch streamer Kristofer Yee wrote up a hilarious rap “calling out” anime fans, in preparation for his participation at Streamer Camp 2019.

“If you’re a weeb, you’re about to get called out,” Yee said before jumping into the bars. “There’s only one thing I want in the entire world / It’s a 2-D UWU anime girl / My figurines are lit, you can call me a weeb / But real girls can’t satisfy all my needs.”

Yee’s hilarious rap came to an equally gut-busting conclusion, where he made a good-natured jab at Twitch’s terms of service to end the song.

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“If y’all are feeling this rap, show us the bitties,” Yee continued. “Cheer 100, if you like anime titti…TOS!”

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Yee’s rap was made in preparation for Streamer Camp 2019, a live event that pits eight Twitch streamers against one another and is hosted by popular Fortnite Battle Royale player Valkyrae, among other top personalities on the platform.

Yee’s video submission for the camp made waves throughout the community, as it gave viewers an emotional look into his beginnings in online content creation and his journey to Twitch and YouTube notoriety.

The video ended with Yee using his adsense money to pay off a hospital bill, later going up to a room to check up on his father – ultimately earning him a spot in Streamer Camp due to what some labeled the “saddest submission” for the event.

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While Yee is a popular Twitch streamer, he likewise has a massive audience on YouTube due to his humorous tech and PC building videos, boasting over 269,000 subscribers on the platform as of June 2.