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Jake and Logan Paul call KSI a “bitch” amid his feud with Deji

Published: 2/Jun/2019 18:13 Updated: 2/Jun/2019 18:16

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTubers Deji and KSI Olatunji are at odds, once again, following their initial spat in late 2018 – a feud that has unsurprisingly prompted ample mockery from their respective rivals, brothers Jake and Logan Paul.

The Paul brothers responded to KSI and Deji’s beef during an episode of their new joint channel, ‘Jake ‘n Logan,’ where they discuss drama, gossip, and current events taking place throughout the social media realm.

Both Jake and Logan simultaneously mocked KSI and Deji’s ongoing scuffle while appearing to take Deji’s side in the matter, with Logan calling KSI a “shitty brother” and describing their conflict as “petty.”

Logan Paul, InstagramBrothers Jake and Logan Paul have created a new joint channel, where they give their opinions on current events and drama within the YouTube community – including the ongoing beef between Deji and KSI.

“Deji told a story about how, I think two or three years ago, he was talking to this girl he really liked, and KSI slept with her,” Logan recalled. “And I was watching this and I thought, ‘What kind of asshole brother would ever do that?’ It’s a shame, dude. It’s heartless.”

The Paul brothers went on to clown KSI for his ongoing ‘New Age’ live tour, calling him a “bitch” for the size of his venues and finding his performances “embarrassing.”

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“I just hate how much effort he’s put into his performance,” Jake said of the tour. “He’s literally just walking around the stage in an ugly-ass tracksuit.”

“That’s his brand,” Logan confirmed. “Just always kind of sub-par.”

KSI and Deji are butting heads in summer 2019, after their initial feud was thought to have ended earlier in the year.

Deji, InstagramBrothers Deji and KSI Olatunji are feuding, once again, with Deji threatening legal action against KSI, should he make a video addressing the topic.

After Deji allegedly removed his diss track against KSI in order to end their beef, the younger brother placed the video back online shortly thereafter, prompting KSI to wash his hands of his sibling.

Deji shot back at KSI’s comments with another video of his own, alleging that he had suffered years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of KSI, including the aforementioned instance where KSI had allegedly slept with a girl Deji was interested in.

That’s not all; Deji even threatened to take legal action against KSI, after his older brother posted a Tweet asking for dirt on his brother for a potential response video.

While KSI has yet to make another video on the topic, he and Logan Paul are set to throw down in a boxing rematch later in the year, with an official date to be released in the month of November 2019.


Baby Shark set to overtake Despacito as YouTube’s most viewed video

Published: 21/Oct/2020 21:33

by Virginia Glaze


As the net’s most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube boasts a significant amount of record-breaking releases — but one of its most-viewed videos could upend a major streak on the site that has lasted for quite some time.

Despacito — the music video for Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi’s viral song of the same name — has reigned as YouTube’s most-viewed video since 2017, becoming the first video to reach three billion views in August of that year.

Since then, it has stayed at the top of YouTube’s most-viewed videos list at seven billion views, having become somewhat of a meme and an all-around easy listening experience for speakers of any language.

However, it seems that Despacito’s reign as YouTube’s top-viewed upload could be coming to an end in the near future, as another viral sensation is quickly creeping up behind — and it goes by the name ‘Baby Shark.’

Although the Baby Shark song has been around since before YouTube was even created, it surprisingly surged to popularity in the past few years after being uploaded by South Korean YouTube channel ‘Pinkfong’ in 2016.

While the initial video for the song — also made by Pinkfong — was uploaded in 2015, the Baby Shark Dance has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, with many parents around the globe becoming all-too familiar with the tune that drives kids wild.

Baby Shark Dance currently sits at 6.9 billion YouTube views, and could be set to reach or overtake Despacito at any moment — especially after YouTube star Mr Beast pointed it out on Twitter.

Baby Shark isn’t just breaking records on YouTube; the song also made it into the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019, breaking out at number 32 thanks to a 2013 change that took online viewership of songs into account.

Considering the song’s popularity among children, it doesn’t come as too big of a surprise that it might topple Despacito’s long-standing rule on YouTube, hearkening back to an earlier time when PewDiePie fought against T-Series to gain the most subscribers for a single channel on the platform.