xQc reveals he’s moving to Los Angeles to work on mysterious new project

Isaac McIntyre
xQc reveals he's moving to Los Angeles for secret Twitch project.
Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is moving back to Los Angeles, the Twitch star revealed on October 6, with plans to “get out of his shell” after the move and work on several mysterious new projects that will require studio access.

xQc is planning a homecoming, of sorts, after admitting on stream that he can no longer stand living where he is at the moment, and wants to return to Los Angeles.

The now-retired esports star turned Twitch megastar previously lived in the City of Angels for a time during his Overwatch League career, most notable with Dallas Fuel when they were based in the city. He also had a stint with the Los Angeles Gladiators in 2019, following his return from a league suspension.

Now, Lengyel can hear the call of Hollywood once again.

This time, however, he has no plans to rejoin the Overwatch pro circuit. He’s sticking to his streaming career, xQc confirms, but wants to get into the mix of Los Angeles stars and personalities that can stream together.

“I want to try going to Los Angeles for a little bit, I think that will be pretty good,” he said. “And, if it’s not, it is what it is. Regardless, it will be something.”

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Twitch: xQc
The star Twitch streamer says he wants to try moving back to Los Angeles, even if it fails.

xQc’s seemingly snap decision to move to Los Angeles is likely a fairly premeditated move with girlfriend Adept, considering they have been dealing with several “scary” situations that even forced Adept to tears on-stream earlier this week.

Over the past few months, several stalkers have tried to meet xQc and Adept in person, breaking into their houses and trailing them no matter where they moved.

The pair originally relocated to Texas to be closer to several other Twitch streamers, and to take advantage of the state’s high-rate internet, but after one xQc fan invaded their house with a crowbar, they have been couch-surfing and moving around in an attempt to avoid these “crazed” streaming fans.

At the time, xQc declared: “Millionaire, by the way, moving house every two weeks. I have to move out again dude. I can’t even go back to my house, it’s not safe.”

Twitch: xQc
xQc and Adept have been struggling with Twitch stalkers over the past few months.

“I’ve wanted to go back for a while,” xQc continued. “I have this philosophy, that even if you plan to do something and it doesn’t end up panning out [the way that you wanted] at least it’s something. At least we tried something.”

The French-Canadian was reminded of that, he says, when teaming up with other star streamers for Shitcamp. He explained, “Maybe I’m in my high school phase, but it just feels like whenever you’re out, you’re at the place where you should be for some reason. I think I forgot how much fun it can be there.”

Lengyel also admits he loves the “energy” of Los Angeles.

On top of that, the Twitch star has several mysterious new projects he’s working on that will apparently require studios to pull off. Moving to Los Angeles puts him within a stone’s throw of dozens.

“Yeah, it’s definitely about making it easier if I want to do stuff, to go to studios and all that sh*t. We can actually do the ideas I’ve been having over the years.”⁠

Perhaps the biggest motivator for xQc to move back to Los Angeles ⁠— or at the very least, away from where he and Adept are living right now ⁠— is “stagnation”. According to the Twitch star, he has been struggling with the feeling of going backward for some time, and wants to re-energize his career.

“I’m tired of being stagnant here,” he admitted. “I can’t live with all the restrictions here anymore. I’m so tired of it all. I’m ready now to get out of my shell again.”