Adept breaks down over “scary” months dealing with xQc’s non-stop Twitch stalkers

Adept broke down during her latest stream after talking about xQc Twitch stalkers.Twitch: Adept

Popular Twitch streamer Adept broke down midway through her October 4 stream, admitting the last few months have been “some of the worst of her life” as her and star boyfriend Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel struggled to deal with several Twitch stalkers and home invasions.

The last few months have seen Twitch power couple xQc and Adept have to deal with stalkers and armed invaders, forcing them to move several times.

While the pair have remained relatively stoic while streaming, tensions have clearly been frayed behind the scenes ⁠— even within their relationship, at one point ⁠— as the Twitch duo struggled to find a “safe place” away from prying eyes, and Adept hit a breaking point early on in her October 4 stream.

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“It has been the worst few months of our lives,” she admitted.

“I don’t like to give attention to this shit,” Adept added, biting back tears so she could explain herself to her Twitch fans, “but it’s already out there, it’s already public, and everyone knows about it, unfortunately, so it is what it is really.

“I’m so stressed out, I’m so unhappy, I’m scared every day about what’s going to go wrong, every day. It felt like something was going wrong every day.”

xQc Adept Relationship ConfirmedTwitter: xQc
xQc and Adept were forced to move after Twitch fans turned up at their house.

The stalker issues hit a fever pitch in mid-July, when one of xQc’s fans broke into their house armed with a crowbar looking for the popular streamer. That home invasion followed a series of “daily” swatting attempts on the star.

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It was around the same time that Adept stopped uploading to YouTube, and rolled back her streaming schedule. xQc stuck to his broadcasting plans ⁠— and incredible twelve hours most days ⁠— but off-camera the couple were struggling to keep it together as they moved houses and couch surfed for weeks.

And, even after moving, the invasions continued.

While Adept and xQc were staying with close friend and popular streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris, several more Twitch fans broke into their old house, stealing things and trying to meet the platform’s megastar in the flesh.

At the time, xQc declared: “Millionaire, by the way, moving house every two weeks. I have to move out again dude. I can’t even go back to my house, it’s not safe.”

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Thankfully, Adept admitted to her Twitch viewers that she feels like it’s turned a corner recently, especially after she and xQc could “see friends again” at Shitcamp.

“It just made me so happy being able to see all my friends again and hanging out with them in a new environment. I felt safe, and I felt happy. We actually got to see them, because we did have to move away,” she said.

Another move has also helped the situation, Adept revealed. “Even though there’s scary moments, we’re not looking over our shoulders every two seconds.”

Adept was able to "reset" at Twitch steamer meet-up Shitcamp.Twitter: QTCinderella
Adept was able to “reset” at Twitch steamer meet-up Shitcamp.

Despite the ongoing stalker issues, Adept revealed that she and xQc have “no plans” to stop their streaming lifestyles, and will continue to manage the fact that they are very open with their lives when on-stream and broadcasting.

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“I’m super grateful we get to do what we absolutely love and adore what we do for a living. I could never imagine Felix doing anything else, so I’m happy for him,” she said.

“This line of work comes with so much struggle and criticism, invasion of our privacy, [but] he’s still doing what he loves, and I get to do what I love too. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Felix and I are very open people, we tell you more than we should, and we’re happy with that decision.

“We’ve come to terms with being open with you guys because it all wouldn’t be possible without you. These people can’t take any of that away from us.”

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