Mizkif breaks down in emotional Twitch return: “I missed you guys so much”

Mizkif bursts into tears midway through his return to Twitch streaming.Twitch: Mizkif

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo was reduced to tears early on in his Twitch comeback stream on October 5 as he reunited with fans two weeks after breaking up with long time girlfriend Maya and taking a “much-needed” spell away from streaming to deal with the breakup.

Two weeks after Mizkif revealed he would be taking an extended hiatus after breaking up with long-time girlfriend Maya, the Twitch star returned to the livestream limelight in early October.

It didn’t take long for the star’s emotions to come bubbling to the surface, however, with Mizkif appearing on-camera with tears already in his eyes after his stream intro. In response, his chat was flooded with hearts and emotes.

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“Oh my god dude, I’m crying,” he mumbled.

“I don’t know what to say,” he admitted. “Sorry. Oh my god, chat, this is a lot. I didn’t really know what the hell to expect. I’m crying… this is a bit embarrassing.”

The 26-year-old stream star was reduced to tears early on his Twitch return.Twitch: Mizkif
The 26-year-old stream star was reduced to tears early on his Twitch return.

Mizkif has spent the past two weeks away from the streaming website following the end of his relationship, which marked the One True King owner’s first real break from Twitch since his popularity explosion in early 2020.

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The 26-year-old told his fans that he and Maya would both be “taking a couple of weeks off of streaming to process, and take care of ourselves”.

When the streamer originally stepped away in mid-September, he promised the surprise hiatus would last “around two weeks”. That original plan was eventually stretched, however, into early October.

“This is what I looked like twenty days ago,” Mizkif joked to his fast-moving Twitch chat as he choked back tears. “Thank you guys [for this response] already.”

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Mizkif and Maya Higa out travelling as Twitch couple.Twitter: Mizkif
Mizkif and Maya split last month after several years as a Twitch couple.

The emotional Twitch streamer continued, explaining that during his break away from the Amazon-owned platform he came to realize he had been using it as “an outlet” as much as his fans were watching him to be entertained.

“I missed you guys [Twitch chat] so much, you have no idea.

“I even missed streaming so much. Really, I came to the realization while I was away that it’s become an outlet for me, so much,” he said, before laughing. “I’ve lost so many friends these last 20 days because they’re so sick of me! I just non-stop had so much energy. I’ve been working out every day [to get it out].

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“It’s been a crazy past few weeks. Absolutely f**king wild, and not a good time. It’s been the worst time, really, for me. And I missed you all so much.”

Midway through his stream, Mizkif also touched on the biggest thing missing from his Twitch stream now that he’s returned ⁠— Maya, who he says “isn’t coming back” despite his Twitch chat trying to will it into existence.

“It’s so weird that she’s not going to walk in anymore,” he said.

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“Such a weird feeling, knowing she’s gone, and probably not coming back. It’s weird to even fathom this is now the reality of my life. And, I know it’s the same for her too. I still keep expecting to turn around and she’s coming in with some cat that she wants us to adopt that she’s found outside.

And, Mizkif made sure to shoot down recent Pokimane relationship rumors: “Can you guys f**k off with that? I’m not dating everyone I’m friends with.”

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