Hasan accuses Adin Ross & RiceGum of faking beef to distract from FaZe crypto drama

hasanabi on ricegum and adin ross beefTwitch: HasanAbi/RiceGum/Adin Ross

Twitch stars Adin Ross and RiceGum appear to be falling apart at the seams just a few short months into living together, but Hasan thinks the reason behind their ongoing beef is more sinister than meets the eye.

Throughout the end of June and start of July 2021, Adin and Rice have clearly had some kind of problem with one another, going back and forth with Adin sharing it during his livestreams.

The beef appears to have started when RiceGum believed Adin to be backing KSI in their strange war with each other, which Adin denied vehemently.

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Now, the beef seems to be leveling up after RiceGum allegedly turned off Adin’s router while he was streaming, obviously causing the broadcast to shut down.

While fans have been picking their sides, the disarray in the LA Clout House has leaked to some of the other big names on Twitch, with plenty of streamers tuning in and sharing their side.

One of those is Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker, one of the biggest names on the platform not just for his IRL and gaming content but his political commentary too — and he’s not convinced that any of this is real.

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Shortly after reading FaZe Clan’s statement that Kay would be leaving the organization, and that Jarvis, Teeqo, and Nikan were suspended over cryptocurrency scam concerns, Hasan had second thoughts on the Adin vs Rice fallout.

“Wait, they live in the same house,” Hasan points out. “Why doesn’t he just shut off the stream and beat his a*s? I wonder if they’re doing this to drive the heat off the crypto sh*t?”

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Surprisingly, this has actually become a common school of thought since the FaZe Clan announcement was made.

In Adin’s YouTube comments there have been a number of viewers theorizing the same as Hasan, especially since the drama seems to have come from out of nowhere.

Of course, this may be yet another internet conspiracy theory, but it’s definitely got some people thinking.