FaZe Banks denies Adin Ross & RiceGum beef being “fake” to cover FaZe crypto scam

Banks denies fake Adin Ross and RiceGum beefYouTube: The Daily Stardust

On July 1, FaZe Clan revealed that Kay would be kicked and Jarvis, Teeqo and Nikan all suspended over alleged cryptocurrency scams.

The crypto scam suspensions became huge news online and in the influencer community, and has definitely caused a stir with people all across the space discussing the implications of what has happened.

In the meantime, Twitch stars Brian ‘RiceGum’ Le and Adin Ross — closely associated with FaZe Clan as they live with Banks — have locked horns with one another, suddenly having a huge beef that got all the Twitch streamers talking.

One accusation levied against the streamers was that the beef was all fake, especially since they live together and for several days didn’t ever appear to speak with one another about it. Many critics, including HasanAbi, suggested that the “beef” was all a ploy to take heat off of the crypto drama.

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While Twitch conspiracy theorists are in two minds about the whole thing, FaZe Clan co-owner Banks says there’s nothing fake about the beef.

When asked about it by The Daily Stardust, Banks joked that he was going to “beat their a*ses” before being asked whether the beef was actually real.

“It’s not fake beef,” he confirmed. “It’s definitely not fake beef, but it’s dumb beef. It’s just a ‘for no reason’ type beef. That’s how I would describe it.”

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Prior to this, Banks did actually speak very briefly about the crypto scam. He said that everyone involved is a “brother” to him and that it sucks that he had to make the decision to take action in that way, but added that it’s ultimately “up to them.”

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So, Banks is sure that the beef definitely isn’t fake — but he doesn’t sound convinced that it’s as deep as it appears to be.