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xQc lost for words reacting to student’s school project about him

Published: 26/Apr/2021 13:32 Updated: 27/Oct/2021 5:36

by Daniel Megarry


Popular streamer xQc has reacted to a presentation that a super fan created about him for a class assignment, explaining why the Twitch star is their “hero”.

While he may have made a name for himself streaming video games like League of Legends and Overwatch, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel also regularly chills out in the Just Chatting section of Twitch, where he talks to fans and reacts to various videos.

In a stream on Sunday, April 25, 2021, xQc decided to watch a school presentation that a student had created based around his journey to fame, and his reactions range from embarrassed to supportive to completely baffled.


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Pro streamer xQc wasn’t sure how to respond at first.

xQc reacts to a school presentation about him

Before the video even began, xQc was clearly prepared to cringe, explaining, “I don’t wanna bully people, and I get it… but since it’s about me, even if it was good, or great, or it was like some college project, I would feel the same way about it.”

The fan who uploaded the video, called Jason Taylor, was tasked with creating a presentation about a ‘famous hero’ and chose the Twitch streamer as their subject, featuring information about his childhood, his career, and the reasons why he’s a hero.

“Felix has the determination, adaptability, and is very inspirational, and in my opinion that makes him a hero,” they explained during the presentation.


When a classmate asked if the presentation was sponsored by League of Legends, Jason joked: “No, it’s sponsored by xQc,” to which xQc responded: “What? No, it’s not! What the f**k is this? Guys, what is happening?”

The fan then went on to discuss the ‘obstacles’ that xQc had to overcome on his journey, including “wrongful suspensions and bans from multiple games and platforms” such as the Overwatch League and GTA RP.

xQc could be seen cringing through the video, describing it as “tough” to watch. But as the presentation progressed, he slowly came around to the idea, praising the information included for being “accurate” and ultimately deciding, “That was sick man, I hope you get an A+”.


Later in his stream, xQc read through the YouTube video’s comment section, before leaving his own comment praising: “Well done and well said. Everything in there is true.”

We have a feeling he just made this fan’s day, as Jason later reshared xQc’s reaction and called it “amazing”.