xQc hits out at “annoying” Andrea Botez after gambling comments at TwitchCon

xqc next to andrea botezTwitch: xQc / Instagram: itsandreabotez

With an eventful TwitchCon 2022 now in the books, xQc wasn’t one to hold back when reflecting on his time at the event. One streamer party in particular, where he happened to meet Andrea Botez, came up during a recent broadcast wherein, he claimed she was “f**king annoying” and lashed out at her comments on gambling streams.

TwitchCon 2022 is finally in the rearview mirror. From multiple foam pit injuries to harrowing stalker incidents, it was certainly a gathering the Amazon-backed platform would wish to do over if they could. With many of the most of popular internet celebs lashing out at the state of the event after the fact, it’s been almost nothing but bad press at a time where Twitch is already under fire for its revenue-sharing plans.

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Among the controversies just so happened to be one involving arguably the biggest name on the platform, xQc. At one afterparty, he claimed he was harassed by a “touchy” woman that wouldn’t take no for an answer despite him asking her to “back off” multiple times. At another afterparty, it appears there were more issues still for the popular personality as he’s now detailed an encounter with Andrea Botez.

The younger of the Botez sister duo was spotted next to xQc in a picture now making the rounds online. Also captured was DisguisedToast who xQc admitted was “cool” after making his acquaintance. “I like Toast a lot,” he said before pivoting to Andrea.

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“This girl Andrea, she was so f**king annoying. She can banter, so it’s not like it’s not fun. I don’t mind having fun with people. But she was being annoying. I told her to her face she was annoying.”

As for exactly why he didn’t get along with the 20-year-old chess star, xQc claimed it was due to her comments on his gambling streams.

“This girl is asking me ‘what do you do on your stream?’ I said ‘oh I play pretty much…’ and [Andrea] cuts me off. She goes: ‘He gambles only. He does only gambling. Gambling, gambling, gambling.’ Holy f**k are you done?”

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While the comments weren’t entirely off-base, given xQc was among the top of Twitch’s Slots category over the past 90 days, racking up just shy of seven million hours of watch time in the category, he nonetheless took issue being branded for solely that.

Over the same period, he has almost triple the hours streamed under Just Chatting, with a further few hundred hours spent streaming the biggest games like GTA and Rust, according to data pulled from SullyGnome.

Despite admitting his gambling streams on the platform were “wrong” shortly after Twitch announced plans to stamp down on the problematic section, xQc was still agitated by Andrea’s decision to chime in when she did.

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