xQc hits back at Amouranth over hot tub drama: “It was never about morals”

Brent Koepp
Twitch streamers xQc and Amouranth side-by-side

Streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel responded to Amouranth’s tweet about his gambling content. The former Overwatch pro called her take “weak.”

On June 30, xQc came under fire from fellow streamer Amouranth after she claimed that he was only criticizing the Twitch hot tub meta to “distract” from the controversy surrounding his gambling content.

Reacting to her post during his broadcast, Lengyel hit back at the IRL streamer for misrepresenting his take on Hot Tub and Yoga ASMR streams. The star called her out for trying make it about “morals” and “ethics.”

xQc reading Amouranth tweet during Twitch stream
xQc hit back at Amouranth’s tweet while on stream.

xQc slams Amouranth’s tweet about him

During hist July 1 broadcast, xQc was reacting to content when viewers sent him Amouranth’s tweet about him. “Guys, what in the actual f**k? I’ve stated my stance five times, and out of everybody, she is the only person who heard my take in person and she she pulls this out? That’s f**king weak. That is so weak,” he said.

The streamer then clarified that she was making it about morals when he never argued that. “Nobody ever spoke about the ethics and the morals about nudity, gambling… It’s NEVER been about this. It’s always been about the concerns about Twitch, and their Terms of Service,” he continued.

Lengyel gave an example of how he thinks Twitch is unfairly enforcing the rules: “The problem is that if I watch a police video and literally some guy’s one tenth of a booty shows up, I am literally banned. Yet these streams had mini shorts all the way inside the butt crack, on full screen for hours on end, and it was considered normal and accepted according to Terms of service. And that is a general concern for all partners.”

(Topic starts at 7:47)

xQc followed up by explaining how he feared getting banned in the past. “I was living in fear for eight months, thinking I was going to lose my career forever because I saw a piece of bra during a Jerry Springer video. And I log in on Twitch and I see G string out the butt crack (he then imitated streamers licking their microphones), WHAT THE F**K!” he exclaimed.

He clarified he doesn’t care what kind of content is on Twitch – he just wants the rules applied fairly to everyone. “This has been my take. I never ever said anything about the morals, what content should be on Twitch. I don’t give a f**k. I don’t care dude.”

Responding to Amouranth’s gambling comments, the streamer shot back: “There is a f**king slots category on Twitch, MORON. Literally. HAS NO [Terms of Service] implications, none!” before reiterating that he thought her response was “weird” and misrepresenting what his stance has been for years.