Alinity calls for action against “repeat offenders” on Twitch after 6th Indiefoxx ban

. 1 year ago
Alinity calls out Twitch over Indiefoxx

Twitch star Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon is calling for Twitch to do something about repeat offenders on the platform amid fellow streamer Indiefoxx’s sixth ban on the site.

On June 29, Indiefoxx was suspended on the site for the second time in the month and the sixth time overall in 2021 and speculation was running wild about what she did, especially after the ASMR drama that resulted in her fifth ban.

So far, Indiefoxx hasn’t commented on the ban, but she has posted to Instagram and other social media sites since, seemingly suggesting that she doesn’t want to talk about it yet.

As such, it’s unclear what did she to earn her sixth ban and how long it will last for, but that hasn’t stopped streamers such as Alinity to call on Twitch to treat everyone fairly.

Indieefox lays on her bed
Indiefoxx was banned for the sixth time in a year on June 29.

“So is Twitch gonna do something about repeat offenders?” the Colombian-Canadian asked. “Or is it fair game for everyone to start stretching the TOS as thin as they can?”

All five of Indiefoxx’s previous bans have lasted three days or less and she still has her Partner status as of this writing, implying that she hasn’t been permanently banned from the Amazon-owned site.

“I’ve been benefited by this blurred line before. I then thought it was messed up and I still do. We need consistency and equal treatment. What’s the point of the TOS then?” she added.

Alinity, who herself has been accused of favoritism by Twitch in the past, disputed claims that “everyone would be f**ked” if Twitch was consistent with how it dishes out bans.

“That’s not the f**king point,” she said in response to another streamer who felt she benefited from Twitch’s laissez-faire approach to her content. “Despite if it benefits me or not, I want fair treatment for everyone.”

This isn’t the first time Alinity has called for harsher punishments for frequent rule breakers. After Indiefoxx and Amouranth were banned earlier in June, Mogollon stressed that sexual content wouldn’t stop until longer bans were implemented.

It still remains to be seen how long this new Indiefoxx suspension will last, but with the streamer remaining quiet and Twitch refusing to comment on individual bans, it’s possible she may have gotten her wish without knowing it.

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