Amouranth claims xQc criticized hot tub meta to distract from gambling streams

. 1 year ago
Amouranth calls out xqc for gambling streams amid hot tub meta

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has suggested French-Canadian streaming sensation Felix ‘xQx’ Lengyel was only critical of the hot tub meta because it distracted from his own controversy on the platform.

Hot tub, ASMR ear-licking and gambling streams have all been criticized in the past year, albeit for different reasons. While the likes of Indiefoxx, Amouranth and xoAeriel were seeing explosive growth in hot tubs, xQc and Trainwrecks were stirring a pot of their own by playing slots with tons of money on the line.

As viewers and influencers hit out at the hot tub meta for sexualizing Twitch, the gambling streams continued, which, according to Amouranth is exactly what xQc wanted and why he vocally opposed the content.

Amouranth took aim at xQc’s hot tub stream criticism, explaining how he benefited from all the controversy that it caused.

“The reason xQc liked ripping on hot tubs was because it took attention away from the gamba stuff,” she said with a laughing emoji face. “I took one for the team. You know glass houses and such.”

Amouranth actually had her entire channel demonetized by Twitch during the hot tub meta due to advertiser concerns. Eventually, ads were reinstated, but only after Twitch created a new category strictly for beaches, pools and hot tub broadcasts.

The cosplayer and model went on to hint that she too might be getting involved in gambling streams as well at some point.

amouranth on a banana pool toy on stream
Streamers like Amouranth have enjoyed massive success with the hot tub meta.

“Imagine a trading places-like episode where I’m doing slots and he’s in a tub,” she joked in a reply to her tweet.

When a viewer suggested someone start doing gambling streams while in a hot tub, she replied, “Hey, that’s the top secret meta.”

xQc has since announced he’s done with gambling streams after getting nearly 2000 people to use his referral link to join a gambling site. The former Overwatch League pro also said that his own addiction concerns were a factor in stopping the streams.

As such, there is a vacancy in Twitch’s gambling stream department, and Amouranth could very well have her eyes set on it.

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