xQc and Gordon Ramsay may be teaming up on Twitch and everyone is losing their minds

Isaac McIntyre
xQc celebrates next to Gordon Ramsay.Twitch: xQc / Instagram: Gordon Ramsay

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is on the verge of pulling off the streaming crossover of the year just days into 2022 after celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay revealed he wants to learn more about Twitch after a name-drop on his new TV series.

Twitch’s latest streaming meta ⁠— watching cooking shows ⁠— has seen Gordon Ramsay dominate the Amazon-owned platform, all without his knowledge.

xQc has been at the forefront of what has become a fairly controversial Twitch meta, sometimes watching as many as a dozen episodes of Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and other cooking shows during broadcasts. Some want him banned for the TV streams, others are more impressed, and Lengyel’s numbers have never been higher.

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And now he’s been handed the chance to take it to another level.

On January 2, xQc was able to extend an offer to Ramsay: team up for a huge Twitch streaming collab ⁠— one that might break the platform just days into 2022.

xqc-cancel-cultureTwitch: xQc
Twitch’s biggest star may have just pulled off a Gordon Ramsay collab for the new year.

Lengyel’s opportunity arose on January 2. During a new ‘Next Level Chef’ episode, one of Ramsay’s contestants revealed they were a Twitch streamer, sparking a very gruff “What the f**k is Twitch?” from the star cook.

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The streamer/contestant, Triciaisabirdy, posted the clip on Twitter.

The hilarious clip ⁠— just six seconds long ⁠— quickly went viral across social media, raking in more than 53.8k views and 4.6k likes at the time of publication.

The tweet exploded so quickly that Gordon Ramsay himself saw the growing Twitter comments, and dished out a cheeky response of his own: “Hey Twitch, can I get a lesson on what you are??”

xQc saw his chance, and dropped a bold reply.

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“I’ll give you a free rundown,” the Twitch star said, angling for a chance to team up with the British icon. “Call me on my cell. America’s next master streamer?”

On-stream, Lengyel admitted to his Twitch fans the comment was “a little cringe,” but explained that “sometimes you have to be a little bit of a cringelord” to get ahead ⁠— or in this case, pull off the year’s biggest streaming collab.

Incredibly, xQc’s “cringe” reply worked; Ramsay responded, hinting at the potential Twitch team-up. “You mean Next Level Streamer,” he wrote.

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The potential combo has the internet melting down too. #NextLevelChef is now trending, and Ramsay’s replies have an immense 55.2k likes between them.

Ramsay even took it a step further too, poking fun at himself: the 55-year-old’s Twitter bio now reads “Always near food… Doesn’t know what Twitch is.”

As of publication, xQc and Gordon Ramsay’s little back-and-forth hasn’t gone beyond that, but considering Lengyel’s got the oven all warmed up, it would be a major surprise if he didn’t make a play to get the star chef on-stream.

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If they do team up, Dexerto will be the first to let you know.

Either way, expect to see far more Ramsay on xQc’s stream in the early weeks of 2022; the French-Canadian star is refusing to nip his show-watching streams in the bud, and instead claims Twitch can’t do anything about them despite DMCA warnings hanging over his head in January already.

“I don’t think it’s an issue,” xQc said in response to backlash. “It’s the wild west [on Twitch]. No one knows what’s going to stick, and what’s not going to stick.”

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