Sodapoppin wants Twitch streamers banned over risky new TV show meta

Twitch: Sodapoppin/Gordon Ramsay

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris revealed his take on the current TV watching meta that’s taking over Twitch, explaining that he doesn’t like having to compete with streamers participating in it and he “hopes they all get DMCA’d.” 

Over the last few weeks, many of Twitch’s top streamers have started to watch TV during their broadcasts to thousands of viewers. One of the popular shows to watch has been Masterchef, with one of the show winners even offering to watch the show with xQc.

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The Masterchef popularity has led to other streamers checking out other Gordon Ramsay-led shows, leading to the ban of another streamer after an episode of Hotel Hell showed a clip of the celebrity in the shower.

Sodapoppin has revealed his take on the meta, explaining that he doesn’t like having to compete with those watching TV and that he “hopes they all get DMCA’d.”

Twitch-Streamer-xQc@2000x1270 (2)Twitch: xQcOW
xQc is one of the streamers responsible for the recent interest in watching TV on stream.

Sodapoppin reveals take on Twitch TV show meta

During his December 30 stream, Sodapoppin talked about how other big Twitch streamers like Pokimane and xQc are watching TV shows during their stream.

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Morris said: “When someone amps up their content, most people have to follow suit because it’s a competitive space. Now, these motherf**kers are watching TV shows man, and I gotta compete with that.

“I don’t even know what’s going to happen. I hope, I truly mean this, I hope all of them get DMCA’d and get f**ked.”

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The creator knows a thing or two about how Twitch works, as he claims to have kicked off the popularity of Among Us in mid-2020.

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Morris doubled down on his idea, as he explained: “I want YouTube to even make it so you can’t watch videos on stream except for game trailers. I want it so you can’t even watch Daily Dose on Twitch. That would decimate the platform, and even I would lose views, but I want to see the world burn.”

If Asmongold’s prediction of the meta not lasting very long is correct, Soda may not get the chance to see his competitors get hit with DMCA strikes.

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At least not all of them, as Asmon believes that once one streamer gets hit, the rest will stop watching TV on stream.

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