Ludwig warns Twitch streamers like xQc watching shows & movies could be “catastrophic”

YouTube star Ludwig next to Twitch streamer xQcYouTube: Ludwig / Twitch: xQcOW

YouTuber Ludwig called out Twitch channels watching television shows and movies live in front of viewers. According to the 26-year-old, streamers like xQc, Karl Jacobs, and Mizkif are entering “dangerous territory” that could come crashing down on them.

The MasterChef meta has dominated Twitch at the start of 2022. The trend revolves around streamers watching popular television shows and movies live with their thousands of followers.

According to YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren, however, it’s only a matter of time before the meta implodes. The Mogul Money creator explained to viewers why the streaming industry needs a “course correction” now before it’s too late.

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Twitch streamer xQc watching Master Chef live during streamTwitch: xQcOW
Twitch streamer xQc has been watching Master Chef with viewers.

Ludwig calls out Twitch streamers watching TV shows

Ludwig addressed the popular Twitch meta sweeping the platform during his January 1 2022 upload. “Recently there has been a swath of people on Twitch just outright watching TV shows,” he said. “The biggest creator xQc does this quite often with MasterChef. It’s f**king crazy. They are just straight up watching TV shows on Twitch!”

The YouTuber then explained why he felt the meta was a ticking time bomb. “The purpose of this video is not to expose these streamers in the hopes that a company takes them down. It’s more so because I think things have gotten out of hand. And I think we might need a bit of a course correction before this all comes crashing down.”

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Ahgren then pointed out that the meta was expanding rapidly. “Disguised Toast is just straight up watching Naruto. This morning I watched Myth watch Yu-Gi-Oh. Over a million people tuned in to watch Karl Jacobs watch Total Drama Island. And Rich Campbell watching Lord of the Rings on stream. Mizkif with like 41,000 viewers watched Home Alone!” he said. “This is some pretty dangerous territory we are in!”

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Ludwig said unlike past DMCA issues with music, streamers can’t really argue they are “adding” artistic value by just straight up watching a movie. The YouTuber then clarified that he doesn’t personally want the meta to stop, but that he believes it’s bad for the industry.

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“I think this is a problem that is going to bite the asses of not only the people doing it, but it’s going to bite everyone’s ass on Twitch if streamers don’t chill. A lot of the people watching TV shows and movies are not even deleting their VODs. They are getting a little too complacent. They are getting a little too risky. And I think the outcome isn’t just these people getting slaps on the wrists. It could be way more catastrophic.”

Ahgren then gave one last warning to streamers like Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel and argued that Twitch would “back down” and not stand up for them if any of these mega-corporations decided to go all-in on copyright strikes. Only time will tell how the whole MasterChef meta shakes up but according to Ludwig, channels should be deleting their VODs immediately if they plan to participate in it.

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