xQc finally leaving Overwatch name behind with Twitch account change

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xQc Twitch

‘Mr. Cow’ has seen his final day after xQc finally changed his Overwatch-associated name behind with a refined Twitch handle that omits the big ‘OW.’

Update May 19

xQc confirmed his new Twitch handle that drops the meme-inducing Overwatch abbreviation he’s long been known for.

Overwatch has been a part of his Twitch identity for a while, which has even spawned countless nicknames and inside quips from his community.

But those days are gone, at least on xQc’s streaming platform of choice, and audiences are bidding Mr. Cow a fond farewell after the switch.

Original story follows below…

The stream star got word from Twitch on May 18 about a possible name change that would sever his channel’s tie to Overwatch, where the Quebec native made a name for himself on the Dallas Fuel and Team Canada.

The last remnant of that past may soon clear out since the 26-year-old was made aware of a recent development at Twitch that could open the door for a switch.

“I just got news actually live,” xQc said on May 18. “[Twitch Partnership rep] Pluto told me that there were some changes and they’re able to get stuff done. And he said, after I asked, he just submitted the change to have my username shortened to ‘xQc.’”

The news was met with ample prayers for ‘xQcOW’ and ‘Mr. Cow,’ alike, seeing as a new name may soon brandish his channel.

Sure enough, questions of him leaving Overwatch completely behind eventually arose and the streamer responded in kind to clear up any confusion.

“Well I like Overwatch, [so] we’ll see how it goes,” he began. “I told him not to put the brakes on it. I asked if it’s possible and if something’s possible we just click the red button.”

The option could soon present itself. xQc was even surprised to hear the news and expects a quick turnaround should he get the word.

twitch name xqc
xQcOW Twitch
Some are dreading the change while others can’t wait. But the ‘Cow’ could be out of xQc’s Twitch name soon.

The change could be a sentimental departure for some in his 10.8 million Twitch army who have seen the name ‘xQcOW’ since 2014, which translated over to his YouTube and subreddit.

xQc faithfuls are standing by his Twitch channel to spam ‘I was here’ in the chat if the change goes through, giving fans a new URL to catch the streamer live.

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