xQc explains why Smash Bros esports has more potential than Overwatch

Michael Gwilliam
Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment/Nintendo

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had an interesting take when comparing Overwatch and Smash Bros esports scenes based on investment and popularity.

To literally illustrate his point, the former Overwatch League pro loaded up Microsoft Paint and created a chart.

“My analysis is that the way to determine if something is dead, not overall, but on its own, you need to figure this out,” he began.

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“This is the result,” he said while drawing a red bar in the diagram. “And then this is how much is being put into it,” the Winston main continued, drawing a larger blue bar next to the red one.

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According to xQc, by investing more into a game, its popularity could go a lot higher than it otherwise would without that added investment. “At some point it [the investment] will make sense,” he added.

With the idea now presented, the French Canadian proceeded to show how this applied to Overwatch League and drew a small red bar indicating the lack of popularity and a massive blue one referencing the millions many investors paid.

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When it came time to draw the potential with all the extra cash, Lengyel just added a bit more red to the bar, suggesting that Overwatch League doesn’t benefit that much from all the investment.

“I want to be wrong about this!” he confessed. “It’s just that it’s a crazy amount of resources being put in. Look at other scenes, look at Smash. Smash is like this…”

Felix then added another red bar,  showing it was more popular than Overwatch and then a very small blue one depicting the lack of funding the scene has.

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“They barely have enough funding to give free snacks to the pro players! They have to get their food from vending machines,” he screamed. “But they still pull good numbers and there’s not a lot of involvement.”

For Lengyel, he believes it’s time, given Smash’s popularity, for it to “go boom.” While Overwatch was popular when it first came out, xQc says Blizzard messed up by not putting resources into the game when it was hot on the market.

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Hopefully, Nintendo can change policies and start to do more to help the Smash scene, especially considering the game’s incredible popularity and potential.

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