xQc loses it with Twitch chat after failing Undertale boss fight

Blizzard / Toby Fox

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel lost it with his chat after they mocked him for failing a pattern-based boss fight in Undertale. 

xQc quickly rose up the Twitch ranks to become one of the biggest streamers on the platform after retiring from Overwatch in 2018 and has been entertaining viewers with a variety of content since.

One of his unique characteristics is his willingness to blame his chat, and often lashes out at viewers, mostly in a joking manner – something which has now become somewhat of a staple of his stream. However, things seemed more serious during an Undertale run where he was being mocked for failing a boss fight.

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Twitch: @xqcow1
The Canadian personality is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

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The Canadian was trying out the popular RPG on stream on February 26 when he hit a roadblock at the third boss, and his chat decided to poke some fun at him, laughing at him for failing against a pattern that doesn’t change.

After a few failed attempts, one death finally pushed xQc over the edge and after dying he slammed his table, causing his camera to fall over. During the entire attempt, a donation was repeating “lost to a pattern pepelaugh” over and over, which no doubt added to his frustration.

Felix quickly picked up his camera and hit back at his viewers. “This is why chat is bad at games. This is why you’re a cucklord who spends 1000s of games at low ranks, because you don’t learn. You are bad, you are garbage, you don’t know how to understand what scenarios exist and how to approach them, because you’re f**king brain dead you piece of s**t.”

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He didn’t stop there, however, and continued laying into the chat for mocking him, explaining that it’s not a pattern.

“A script isn’t a pattern, it becomes a pattern once you learn the script you f**king cuck!” Shouted Felix, before continuing with his game.

He continued playing, so it’s likely he wasn’t that bothered by the viewer but was just putting up a classic xQc rant, much to the enjoyment of his viewers.