Adin Ross calls on xQc to help him “take over” Kick

Theo Burman

Adin Ross has called on xQc to join him in a Kick content warehouse after the success of one of their recent IRL collaborations.

The top Kick streamer announced on his stream that he would build xQc a setup and a bedroom if the former Overwatch pro moved to Miami, telling him that he wanted to “take over” the streaming platform.

Adin Ross and xQc are two of the biggest streamers on Kick. After xQc’s 100 million dollar deal which enabled him to stream non-exclusively on both Twitch and the alternative streaming platform, he became one of the largest content creators across both platforms.

Adin tells xQc: “I need help” with new content warehouse

Recently, Adin and xQc came together for an IRL stream, during which they poked fun at Hasan for the trouble he got into over his comments about how hard streaming is compared to traditional work. Now, it looks like Adin is ready to do more collabs.

During a recent stream on Kick, he said: “xQc, please come to Miami, man. I will build you a crazy room in this warehouse, you can use it whenever you want. I will build you a room and a bedroom in this warehouse, and you and I, let’s run this sh*t, let’s take over.

“We’ll do our own weekly events, let’s host talent shows, let’s host game shows, let’s host crazy stuff, Felix, because I’m reaching out for help. I need help. I want to pick brains with you, I want you to pick brains with me, let’s create content, grind and work hard, and let’s give these people something they deserve to see.

“We have too much money, we have now a whole warehouse we can operate out of, we can come together a couple of times a week and do some crazy sh*t, bro. We gotta get Felix in this warehouse.”

At time of writing, xQc has not responded to Adin’s message.

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