Dr Disrespect explains his problem with Overwatch

Michael Gwilliam
Dr Disrespect/Blizzard Entertainment

Legendary Twitch icon Dr Disrespect tried his luck playing Overwatch on February 26, and while he enjoyed parts of the game, there were some elements that he found aggravating and made his thoughts on the subject public.

While in the midst of DPS placement matches as McCree, the two-time and his team were having a difficult time breaking through the enemy’s defenses. Notably, he took issue with how many effects were on screen.

“Like, what am I looking at?” he said, baffled, while trying to shoot through shields and an enemy Moira’s Coalescence. “What am I f**king shooting at? I don’t know what I’m playing. I don’t know what to shoot at.”

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Overwatch has many different effects that can be difficult to understand if you don’t know exactly what each ability does. For someone new to the game, there’s a bit of a learning curve.

As time in the round ticked down, the Doc continued to let loose. “There’s like fifty billion shields and VFX all over my f**king screen!”

After his difficult loss on Havana, the two-time read a message from a viewer with some advice: play behind shields.

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Dr Disrespect
Doc was annoyed at all the VFX in team fights.

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Doc, however, didn’t find the tip helpful at all, especially after observing his teammates in the prior game.

“Nobody on our team had shields or were pushing up or anything,” he sounded off. “It felt like I was staring at nine people with bubble shields and bubblegum and balloons and cherry pies just flashing all over my screen,” he continued, describing a team fight.

“A complete team of VFX,” he raged. “They call that team VFX. That’s what it was, man.”

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The game itself was stressful – not just for the two-time, but for the members of his team, too. A silver-ranked tank player started complaining about a lack of communication from the DPS players, referring to Dr Disrespect.

“DPS are just trash at this game,” the player said, seemingly unknowing his trash-talk was being overheard by the Two-Time. “I’m not saying everybody who plays DPS is garbage, but everyone who’s garbage plays DPS.”

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For his part, however, Doc remained cool and didn’t start a war of words with the tank player.

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That said, his time playing Overwatch was a spectacle to say the least, as even the official Overwatch Twitch account gifted him 100 subs during his broadcast.

Unfortunately, the gamer never managed to get his rank, after his stream was hijacked WWE’s Undertaker and the broadcast ended abruptly.

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