Have xQc and Adept broken up? Twitch couple fuel split rumors

Alex Tsiaoussidis
xQc Adept court hearing date divorce set

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel shocked fans after revealing he had a fight with Adept that saw her leave the house, and he followed it up with some cryptic comments implying they might have broken up.

xQc and Adept were ‘roommates’ for a long time before finally confirming their relationship in a hilarious on-stream slip up in March 2021.

Like most couples, they’ve had their fair share of trials and tribulations, like a heated argument that started on GTA RP and escalated to real life. But they’ve always found a way to work things out.

However, it seems like they’ve found themselves at odds with each other once again. And this time, xQc appears to be less confident about them working it out after dropping cryptic comments live during a Twitch stream.

xQc Adept Relationship Confirmed
xQc and Adept have been together for a while.

It all started when xQc confirmed they had an argument that prompted her to leave the house. “Sammy left. I don’t want to talk it about that much,” he said. “Me and Sammy got into a little bit of a fight. It is what it is.”

Of course, he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, so he didn’t explain what it was about. But fans speculated that whatever went down between them must have been pretty bad if it made her leave the house.

Just hours after making his cryptic comments, on August 7, xQc appeared to confirm that the pair’s relationship is over in a heartfelt tweet.

I always tell you guys how I feel and what’s happening, it’s important to get stuff off my chest so I can focus,” he said. “Me and Sammy are apart. Please make an effort not to speculate and prod for answers. Most importantly, do not harass Adept, she will always have my respect.”

Adept also spoke about the topic on Twitter, saying: “I live with a clear conscious knowing the whole truth about who I am and what I’ve experienced.

“The external noise can get real loud, but it’s really just noise at the end of the day.”

Given the timing of her comments, most fans assumed they were related to the situation with the ex-Overwatch pro.

While xQc did not divulge information beyond confirming that the pair are now “apart”, many took it as confirmation that, for the time being, they have gone their separate ways.

Perhaps we’ll see a rekindling of their relationship in the near future but, for now, it appears that the two immensely popular creators think they’re better off apart.

Whatever they choose to do, we wish them all the best.


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