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xQc nearly passes out during intense GTA RP bank heist

Published: 24/Mar/2021 13:29 Updated: 24/Mar/2021 13:38

by Alex Garton


During a bank heist on GTA RP, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s heart rate surpassed 170 BPM while attempting to crack open a safe door. Although he managed to get out alive, it was obvious he was struggling to keep his composure throughout the job.

xQc’s time spent on the NoPixel GTA RP server has certainly been both eventful and entertaining to watch. From an erratic helicopter chase with a local to being banned and then unbanned from the server in a matter of days, it’s fair to say xQc’s GTA RP streams are never boring.

He’s always looking for new schemes and plans to make money in-game. During his March 23 stream, that included him setting up and executing a bank heist that involved holding hostages.


Although he managed to get out alive, his heart rate monitor showed how overwhelmingly stressed he was throughout the entire crime.

GTA Bank heist
Rockstar Games
In GTA RP, bank heists are complicated as you’re facing real player cops.

xQc’s heart rate hits 170 BPM during hostage bank heist

After gathering a team for a job, xQc decided he was going to rob a bank and escape with the cash. Knowing the cops on GTA RP were real players, he gathered two hostages to take into the bank so they wouldn’t storm the building and shoot him.

Despite everything going to plan at first, viewers noticed xQc’s heart rate was reaching unbelievably high levels while negotiating with the police from inside the bank.

“She’s gonna come with me ok? I’m gonna walk with her on the way out, she’s gonna come to the bike, and then I will release her and you’re gonna give me a nice clear exit.”


Upon reaching the vault, xQc realized he had to solve a series of puzzles to access the money. It was at this point that his heart rate rocketed to an insane 170 BPM.

Although he was attempting to keep everybody calm around him, it was obvious that he was the one who was struggling to keep his composure. He even at one point suggested that he was going to pass out on stream.

“Ok, we’re doing fantastic here, we’re almost done, ok? I’m about to pass out, I’m about to f***ing pass out, good job Ron you’re doing great.”


Unfortunately, after getting too overwhelmed, xQc failed to complete the puzzle and couldn’t get into the vault. Despite this, he did manage to escape with his life and even reflected on why it went so wrong after he’d got away.

He revealed that he was so stressed that he genuinely thought he was going to faint and that his peripheral vision was blacking out.

“Too stressed out, my heart was going so fast I couldn’t think, the blood was rushing out of my head, my vision was f***ing blacking out dude.”

It’s obvious xQc found the whole experience incredibly stressful, no doubt the police yelling outside the bank wasn’t helping his ability to concentrate on the task.


Maybe this scenario will be a turning point for xQc in GTA RP, with him looking to do other activities outside of crime. However, going off his track record, he’s likely planning his next money-making scheme as we speak.