xQc claims everyone on Twitch is “addicted to garbage” as fans criticize his content

xqc-twitch-content-garbageTwitch: xQc

In response to fans criticizing his content, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel claims everyone who watches Twitch is “addicted to garbage” and that he’d have zero viewers if it wasn’t the case.

xQc has dealt with his fair share of haters throughout the years. They’ve come after him for anything and everything, including the nature of his content — particularly when he started doing more reaction streams.

It happened again during a recent stream when a viewer made it clear they weren’t thrilled about xQc watching ‘recap’ videos on stream.

The French-Canadian star clapped back though by claiming everyone on Twitch is “addicted to garbage” in one way or another.

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Twitch: xQc
xQc has clapped back at fans who criticized his content in the past.

“You say you hate recaps, but you cannot keep your eyes off of them,” he said to the dissatisfied viewer, specifically calling them out for being hypocritical.

“Every time we’ve watched recaps, you’re in chat and you’re watching.”

“We’re all addicted to garbage. People say you can get addicted to this, addicted to that. You can get addicted to alcohol or addicted to gambling. Dude, we’re all addicted to dogsh*t content.”

xQc also claimed that his stream is only successful because of that fact. So, he believes it’s fair game.

“If people weren’t addicted to dogsh*t content, nobody would watch this stream, ever. I would literally have zero viewers.”

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As the biggest variety streamer on the platform, xQc does a lot more than watch videos on stream. He spends countless hours playing games, interacting with fans, and he even takes part in community events.

In May 2022, he started doing sponsored gambling streams again, too — which have been subject to criticism. However, he claims that people shouldn’t expect him to be a role model, and has been open about his losses.