Amouranth reveals “creepy” experiences being followed during IRL streams

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Amouranth reveals creepy experiences being followed IRL streams
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Amouranth is one of the most popular women on Twitch — but even when she’s not broadcasting, she experiences some “creepy” harassment from strangers in public.

The life of an uber-famous influencer can be drastically different from that of the average Joe.

Many top-tier social media stars have detailed terrifying incidents of stalking, swatting, and harassment from overzealous fans, trolls, and haters — even driving some of them away from the internet for months.

However, Kaityln ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa understands that women in particular often experience sexual harassment in their day-to-day lives, regardless if they’re major Twitch stars like her or not.

Amouranth claps back at haters
Twitter: WildKait
Amouranth is one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch.

In an interview with Rolling Stone on May 31, Amouranth began the conversation by stating why she decided to make money off of her image. She says that, since she’s going to be placed in a certain light by viewers, anyway, she might as well secure the bag for it.

“Even before I started streaming and stuff, guys would sexualize girls just out and about in public, and you aren’t able to do anything about it, really,” she explained. “So I just felt like, you know what, if guys are gonna do this to you no matter what you do… you might as well just make the bag.”

Amouranth’s streams can border on the “wild side” – but they’ve made her millions.

That’s not all; Siragusa also revealed some outright “creepy” instances of harassment she’s experienced while streaming IRL from men who didn’t even know she was broadcasting.

“I will stream in a Walmart on my channel, and because it’s in selfie mode on my phone, I’ll see guys behind me just taking pictures when I bend over to grab something from a lower shelf,” she added. “They don’t realize I’m streaming. …it’s really creepy. And they’ll follow me through the store.”

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This isn’t her first time detailing the downright disturbing behavior she’s dealt with from people; she exposed some eyebrow-raising DMs that she received from users on Twitter earlier this month.

Despite the harassment, Amouranth is standing firm in her content, saying: “It feels like you’re taking the power back, rather than being a victim, because a lot of the time, women are, and they don’t even realize it.”

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