Ninja reveals foot injury has kept him from streaming on Twitch

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Ninja says foot injury has halted streaming schedule on Twitch
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Ninja’s Twitch channel has been somewhat quiet for the last few days… and the influencer has finally revealed why he hasn’t been streaming.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the biggest streamers in the space. In fact, he’s the most followed person on Twitch.

Boasting over 18 million followers on the live streaming platform, the broadcaster has made his way to late-night TV shows, has been featured in Hollywood films, and even hosted New Year’s Eve in Times Square (spawning a viral meme, in the process).

After hopping from platform to platform after his viral Mixer deal back in 2019, Blevins is officially back on Twitch… but lately, he hasn’t been streaming, leading to some confusion from fans.

tyler ninja blevins
Ninja is the most-followed streamer on Twitch.

Ninja reveals why he hasn’t been streaming

Although Memorial Day weekend was certainly cause to press pause on his streaming schedule, Blevins revealed that he didn’t actually take a break from streaming to grill out on the back porch.

Instead, he says that a serious foot injury is to blame for his brief hiatus. On May 31 — four days after his last Twitch broadcast — Ninja updated his fans in a tweet, saying an injury to his heel is inhibiting his ability to move around comfortably.

“I’ve been trying to recover from a foot injury the last couple of days,” he explained. “Bruised my heel to the point where I can’t even walk on it, so I’ve been using crutches. I have something to film this afternoon, then I will be back streaming.”

Luckily, it looks like Blevins will be back in the saddle soon. Fans are sending their well wishes on social media as he rests up and recovers.

This latest news follows Ninja’s surprise rebranding late last month, which was met with some confusion online. Since then, he’s continued to dominate the space… although it looks like his heel is throwing a wrench in his plans.

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