xQc encourages Super to quit OWL after Twitch earnings leak: “It’s not worth it!”

xQc and Super in OWLBlizzard Entertainment

Former Overwatch League pro and top streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel encouraged San Francisco Shock main tank Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi to quit after seeing how much he was making following the Twitch leak.

On October 6, a massive Twitch breach revealed the earnings of the Amazon-owned platform’s top streamers. While xQc sat comfortably in second overall with a whopping $8m, Super was 198 places lower, pulling in just under $600,000.

Following the leak, a now-removed website popped up allowing users to search for individual streamers and see where they ranked in the earnings “leaderboard.”

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After searching up Super on the list, Lengyel couldn’t help but laugh before asking the Overwatch League star when he would just start streaming full time and quit esports.

xQc says Super should quit OWL

“I’m not here to make financial advice or whatever, but even if you are overpaid in the Overwatch League, it’s not worth it, dude!” the French Canadian exclaimed. “When are you going to quit, dude?”

The Overwatch League’s salaries are never made public, but the minimum player contract going into the 2022 season is set at $50,700. This doesn’t include prize money for winning tournaments or other awards, many of which had been won by Super.

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“Dude, you’re giving them your kidneys! For what? For pennies on the dollar, dude? Come on!” Felix further joked.

Will Super quit Overwatch League?

Super reacted to xQc’s comments during his own stream, but declined to comment on the matter, remarking: “if I speak I’m in big trouble.”

xQc spent only one season in the Overwatch League as a member of the Dallas Fuel. During his short stint, he was infamously suspended twice and released from his contract before the end of the inaugural season.

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If Super does, in fact, take xQc’s advice and quit OWL to stream full time, there’s a good chance he will make far more money. Plus, he will have more freedom and time to stream as he wouldn’t need to practice or scrim with a team.

It’s unclear exactly what the future will hold for Super, especially with Overwatch 2 in development. The next OWL season is slated to begin in April and will be played on an early build of Overwatch 2.

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