Twitch trolls vandalize site with Jeff Bezos PogChamp emote

bezos twitchJeff Bezos/Twitch

Twitch hackers have vandalized multiple game titles with pictures of Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos as the temporary background image.

It has been a rough week for the Amazon-owned streaming platform. On October 6, Twitch was hacked leaking everything on the site from source coding to top streamers’ income, causing a whirlwind of backlash for some of the top earners on the site.

Now just days after the leak and hackers have plastered pictures of Bezos on the background of a ton of the most popular games.

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twitch logo on money in backgroundTwitch/Unsplash: Sharon McCutcheon
Twitch is still recovering from the massive hack which leaked a ton of private info on the site.

Hackers plaster Bezos all over Twitch

On October 8, hackers on Twitch managed to place the Jeff Bezos PogChamp emote as the background for all game directory header images.

Twitch was flush with images of the Amazon founder and former CEO for a few hours, replacing normal images from each respective game with a massive eyes-wide-open image of Bezos.

It is unclear if this hack is a direct result of Twitch’s leaked code, but with the wealth of info that was released to the public from that leak, it’s more than likely that the perpetrators used it to their advantage.

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GTA 5 was a victim of the hack, as seen by the massive Bezos eyeballs that loomed over the game for a few hours.

Rockstar Games/Twitch
GTA 5 was haunted by Jeff Bezos by hackers who switched the directory image for the game.

Twitch streamer Pokelawls noticed the hacked header image for Dota 2 while they were browsing through Twitch game pages.

The Bezos PogChamp images have been taken down and normalcy has returned to the game directory images, for now. If this hack was a direct result of Twitch’s leaked code, then there may be more to come.

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